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NAWS China Lake is located in the Western Mojave Desert region of California, approximately 150 miles north of Los Angeles. The base is larger than the state of Rhode Island and represents 38% of the Navy’s land holdings worldwide. Nearby communities include the City of Ridgecrest and Inyokern with a population of 27,000. Approximately 25% of area residents are active duty military, retirees, reservists, DoD civilians and contractors who visit MWR facilities more than 30,000 times monthly. The average household income is $65 thousand yearly and almost $19 million is generated by military retirees. With your message displayed on banners, posters, marquees, and more, you are supporting our military while receiving hundreds of thousands of exposures!

Partner with MWR On Board NAWS China Lake and reach a Military Market That Contributes $22.5 Million to the Area Economy! Contact us today for information on how you can reserve your preferred advertising in our Desert Winds Magazine, on banners, posters, countertop signs or our MWR 15-passenger vehicle to start building your brand awareness with NAWS China Lake's military consumers who contribute more than $22.5 million yearly to the area’s economy.

We look forward to your call and the opportunity to partner with you and your company.


NAWS China Lake MWR Marketing


    Partnering with MWR on board Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) China Lake puts you in direct contact with more than 7,000 active duty military, reservists, retirees and DoD civilians at their workplaces, home and online. Annually, more than $22.5 million flows into the City of Ridgecrest and Inyokern's economy from the military.
    Your advertising directly benefits and supports our troops and their families. Your involvement helps MWR provide quality of life events, activities and facilities which greatly enrich the lives of our service members and their families. When you support our military with your advertising messages, you are also building awareness and desirability about your company, product or service.

    Here is a snapshot of our active duty military across the nation:

    • 73% of active duty is male, average age is 26 and average length of service is 10.2 years
    • 73% live off base
    • 55% are married
    • 74% are ranked E-4 and above
    • 15% are officers
    • 91% have major credit cards
    • 80% own their own vehicles
    • 61% plan on buying a new vehicle within 12 months
    • 95% plan on furthering their education and can receive up to $3,500 in tuition assistance
    • 100% shop at off-base department or specialty stores, averaging 4.3 visits per month
    • 93% average 2.5 trips per year on civilian airlines
    • 88% plan on buying video, stereos or speakers
    • 48% plan on buying a personal computer
    • 18% perform their own auto maintenance


    This is the must-have information guide for what's happening on and around NAWS China Lake! Capture an average of 7,000 exposures a month and 84,000 or more yearly with your company’s advertising message. Civilian and military personnel know this is where they will find Tickets & Travel offers, local area events, Fleet & Family Support Center information and MWR activities, events and facilities listings. Quarterly, MWR prints 3,200 copies of their four-color, glossy magazine and delivers copies to 16 MWR facilities including the gym, bowling center and golf, where approximately 14,000 patrons visit monthly. Navy Gateway Inns & Suites' (NGIS) receives 250 copies to maintain a current copy in each of its 101 transient rooms and in the lobby. Each quarter a new copy is mailed to 1,600 DoD on-base personnel and 200 are hand-delivered to residents living in on-base housing. Electronic access is available online at, attracting additional viewers. Our very reasonable rates are as follows:

    Full-Page (7 ½"w x 10"h) $200
    Half-Page (7 ½"w x 4 ¾"h) $150
    Quarter-Page (3 ½"w x 4 ¾"h) $100
    Outside Back Cover (8 ¾"w x 7"h) $400
    Inside Front or Inside Back Cover (7 ½"w x 10"h) $300
    Half-Page Inside Front or Inside Back Cover (7 ½"w x 4 ¾"h) $200

    *Dependent on available space.


    MWR is a well-known and widely used network of support and leisure services designed for use by the military, their families, civilian employees, military retirees and other eligible patrons.

    Onboard NAWS China Lake, thousands of eligible patrons and their families make use of these MWR benefits daily. Your message displayed on banners, posters and signs can capture this untapped target audience and maximize your advertising exposure. Build brand awareness at MWR's base fitness centers, gym, pools used by 13,150 monthly. Reach a combined average of 5,150 outdoor sports enthusiasts and Auto Skills Center patrons with your company's advertising message. Target your brand to 5,200 patrons at the base golf course, driving range and popular indoor/outdoor golf course eatery. At the bowling and recreation center your message will be seen by more than 2,600 patrons during open and league bowling, special events and tournaments. Display your advertising message at all of NAWS China Lake's MWR facilities for a total annual exposure of more than 300,000.

    Monthly rates for:

    BANNERS (6'W X 3'H)
    Fitness Facilities (2) $400
    Liberty $150
    Parks, Sport and Fields $200
    Auto Skills Center $150
    Bowling Recreation Center $250
    Pools $200
    POSTERS (22"W X 28"H)
    Fitness Facilities (2) $250
    Liberty $120
    Parks, Sport and Fields $175
    Auto Skills Center $125
    Bowling Recreation Center $200
    Pools $175
    Fitness Facilities (2) $275
    Liberty $100
    Parks, Sport and Fields $125
    Auto Skills Center $100
    Bowling Recreation Center $100
    Pools $125
    Fitness Facilities (2) $275
    Liberty $100
    Parks, Sport and Fields $125
    Auto Skills Center $100
    Bowling Recreation Center $100
    Pools $125

    *Rates are reduced with frequency

    Navy Region Southwest Services Directory

    Navy Region Southwest, Community Support Programs (CSP) offers an annual base services directory (45,000 published) for personnel and their families throughout the state of California and Fallon, Nevada. This approximately 24-page full-color publication is distributed through Navy Welcome Aboard packets, Housing Service Centers, bachelor housing, MWR, Fleet & Family Support centers, and NEX facilities. Download or view the current directory on the regional website ( Ad space is limited, with camera-ready art due April 11, 2014. Issue date is June 2014.

    Full-Color Ad
    PDF, TIFF, JPEG and CMYK formats; 300 dpi
    Full-Page - 4 1/8"w x 7"h $2,000
    Half-Page - 4 1/8"w x 3½"h $1,500
    Full-Page Back Cover - 4 1/8"w x 7"h $4,000
    Full-Page - 4 1/8"w x 7"h $2,000
    Half-Page - 4 1/8"w x 3 1/2"h $1,500


    Build brand awareness and desirability with this unique and catchy form of advertising. Vehicle wraps are an excellent way to get your company noticed and remembered. The Federal Highway Administration reports that a vehicle outfitted with an advertisement generates thousands of impressions per day.

    Transform MWR's 15-passenger bus into your company's traveling billboard that takes junior Sailors to a variety of activities year round. Your message will cover an average of 200 miles, 25 times a year to popular sites in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Hollywood, Mammoth Lakes, the Grand Canyon and locally around the city of Inyokern, Ridgecrest and more. When not on the highways and freeways of Arizona, California and Nevada, Liberty's vehicle, wrapped with your company brand, is parked in a high-traffic location for an additional estimated 7,000 exposures a week. Your message will receive up to 28,000 exposures a month and 336,000 impressions per year. Compare the monthly cost of a vehicle wrap to newspaper, radio or television advertising and you will realize the minimal cost of a vehicle wrap that advertises your message for a continuous 365 days.

    Build brand recognition with everyone who sees your message on MWR's wrapped vehicle and raise your company's profile. Advertiser supplies, installs and removes wrap.

    MWR Marketing Vehicle $2,500


    NAWS China Lake Golf Course is an 18-hole, par 72 course on 248 acres. The facility is open to the public and offers a driving range, chipping and putting greens, electric carts with GPS, a pro shop with rental clubs and an indoor/outdoor club house grill with breakfast, lunch and twilight menu. This facility offers a variety of options for promoting your brand. Advertise your message in all of them and reach approximately 5,000 golfers monthly.

    Banners, posters, countertop brochure displays, or countertop signs in high traffic areas will catch the eye of your target market.
    Tee-box recognition may be purchased for company promotion or may be part of our customized GPS advertising package. GPS ads display when a cart is in play. Because the golfer spends much of the total round time in the cart, a great advertising opportunity is created. Choose more than one hole for more exposure.

    GPS Advertising

    Your message is displayed full screen along with the yardage to the green until the golfer reaches the next tee box or enters the staging area.

    Banner advertising is displayed when the golfer reaches the tee-box and continues to be displayed until 65 yards out from the center of the green of the hole that is being played.

    Maximize exposure when you advertise in all of NAWS China Lake's Golf Course facilities for an annual exposure of 62,000 or more. Our reasonable rates are as follows:

    Monthly rates for:

    GPS Customized One-Hole Combo (banner and green-side ad) $250
    Golf Course Driving Range Divider (3 dividers) $175
    Golf Cart Signage $100
    GPS Banner Ad $175
    GPS Green-Side Ad $100
    Golf Tee Box Sign (per tee box) $100
    BANNERS (6'W X 3'H)
    Club House $200
    Pro Shop $200
    POSTERS (22"W X 28"H)
    Club House $200
    Pro Shop $175
    Club House $175
    Pro Shop $150
    Club House $150
    Pro Shop $125

    Rates are reduced with frequency

  • Ongoing Events

    Sailors Home-Away-From-Home • Liberty Center Programs

    Region-wide Liberty Centers are for enlisted active duty. Each center is an alcohol-and tobacco-free facility designed to be the Sailor’s “home away from home.” Liberty Centers offer in-house activities from pool tournaments and free BBQ events to life skill workshops, free internet computer stations and computer gaming. Each Liberty Center also offers trips and adventures to places like Big Bear, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, paintball and the Price is Right. All trips are open to all active duty and one guest 18 years or older. Liberty Centers serve over 2,500 Sailors annually.
    Sponsorship Levels for each base: Presenting: $2,000 / Supporting: $1,500 / Official: $500 / Navy Team: $150

    Annual Military Bowling Tournament

    NAWS CHINA LAKE • Fridays, 2nd QTR - Active duty personnel participate in this challenging tournament to see what team will win. Teams of four compete with each other to win prizes and bragging rights. The expected participation is 50 participants.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting Sponsor: $500 / Official Sponsor: $250 / Booth/Display: $100

    Monthly Fitness Challenge

    NAWS CHINA LAKE • Monthly - This monthly fitness series allows participants to compete in exercise challenges against each other or by themselves to achieve
    personal fitness goals. Challenges include Treadmill Kickers, Burpees and other competitions to promote fitness and keep our Sailors ready for duty. The expected participation is 300 active duty members.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200

    DIY Auto Care Program

    NAWS CHINA LAKE • Quarterly - Automotive experts share their knowledge with active duty military and their families through hands-on-auto skills demonstrations. Participants receive useful information and instructions about automotive care. Hands-on demonstrations highlight the importance of checking belts, fluids, tires, wiper blades, performing oil changes as well as what to inspect prior to buying a used vehicle. Seminars include ‘Getting to Know Your Car’ (January 22), ‘Teen Introduction to Car Maintenance’ (April 15), ‘Pre-purchase Vehicle Inspection’ (July 24) and ‘Oil Change 101’ (October 23). Expected participation in the DIY Auto Care Program is 100 active duty military and their family members.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200 / Booth/Display: $100

    January Events

    Holiday Shuttle Program

    NAWS CHINA LAKE • January & December - Holiday Shuttle program provides the opportunity to make it home for the holidays. The program serves active duty with transportation to and from the airport and other destinations. The expected participation is 500 active duty military.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $750 / Supporting: $500 / Official: $250 / Booth/Display: $150

    Bowling 40 Frame Tournament

    NAWS CHINA LAKE • January 16 - This fun bowling 40 Frame Tournament features four full games in one. Tournaments like this can lead to scores in excess of 1,000 points. Giveaways and prizes based off the 40 frame format will be awarded to highest score per team as well as highest score per center/individual frame. Expected participation in the 40 Frame Tournament is 40 participants.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200 / Booth/Display: $100

    Active Duty Short Season Bowling League

    NAWS CHINA LAKE • Begins January 23 - This Short Season Bowling League is designed to work with the dynamic schedules of our active duty military. League participants compete in a six week long season, which ends with a banquet. Trophies will be presented at the end of the league with special recognition to high score bowlers. Expected participation is 40 active duty.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200 / Booth/Display: $100

    February Events

    Multicultural Week

    NAWS CHINA LAKE • February 2-6 - Military and civilian families will enjoy a week of crafts, food, music and games to experience different cultures around the world, including cultures represented by families and staff of Youth Programs. This event is family-oriented, to ensure everyone has fun while learning about different cultures
    that make up America. During the event, there will be entertainment, including dancers and musicians representing different countries’ cultures. Expected participation is 240 children.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $750 / Supporting: $500 /Official: $250

    May Events

    Paradise Found Luau

    NAWS CHINA LAKE • May 15 - China Lake’s paradise is found! This annual event is held as a sneak peek to the upcoming swim and summer season, featuring a crystal clear pool, Hawaiian menu and lovely Polynesian dancers. The end of the evening is marked with a fantastic fire dancer--a fun family event for all to enjoy. Expected participation is 600 active duty members and their families.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $1,500 / Supporting: $1,000 / Official: $500 / Booth/Display: $150

    June Events

    Monthly Pool Parties

    NAWS CHINA LAKE • June-August - Liberty-eligible Sailors join in on this tobacco and alcohol free event while cooling off at the pool with friendly competitive pool games, awards and refreshments. Expected participation is 75.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200 / Navy Team: $100

    Summer Youth Junior Bowling League

    NAWS CHINA LAKE • Sundays, June-August - The Junior Bowling League program teaches youth the art of bowling and all related skills and tricks. Youth also learn the importance of a team and working within a team, while enjoying friendly competition. Expected participation is 50 military children.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200 / Navy Team: $100

    China Lake 4-Day Top Gun Junior Golf Camp

    NAWS CHINA LAKE • June or July-August - Military children aspiring to become great golfers have this summer opportunity to learn the game of golf. Along with learning everything from driving and putting, chipping and swing techniques, participants will receive refreshments and snacks. Expected participation is 75 military children.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200 / Navy Team: $100

    August Events

    BBQ & Boogie

    NAWS CHINA LAKE • August 24 - This event will begin the summer break wrap up; giving all eligible patrons an excuse to relax and enjoy themselves. The event will begin with a buffet style bbq, followed by a live band performance and dancing. The crystal clear water of the Oasis Pool will be open for swimming throughout the event with lifeguards standing watch. Expected participation is 600.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $1,000 / Supporting: $500 / Official $250 / Booth/Display: $150

    September Events

    Annual Commander’s Golf Tournament

    NAWS CHINA LAKE • September TBD - This annual golf tournament brings active duty service members and the community together. Event includes a shotgun start for
    18 holes, lunch, prizes and giveaways. A total of 144 participants are expected.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $200 / Official: $100

    October Events

    Spooky Walk & Ride

    NAWS CHINA LAKE • October 29 - This Halloween event brings active duty service member and the community together. The event begins next to the Liberty Center, where the participants set out walking a haunted trail. At the end of the haunted trail, The Tale of the Headless Horseman, a hayride, will begin. The hayride will end with food and drinks in the Haunted & Hungry Goblin House. The event is expected to attract 500 participants.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting:$1,000 / Supporting: $500 / Official: $250 / Booth/Display: $150

    Fall Family Festival

    NAWS CHINA LAKE • October 30 - Military and civilian families will enjoy an afternoon of crafts, food, music, face painting and games for all ages. Parents are encouraged to take part in sensory activities, games and go through a fun house to create lasting memories for their children. Small prizes will be given to each child as they complete each game. A photo booth will be available to document the memories made at this event. Expected participation is 240 children plus family members.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200

    November Events

    Bowling Center Turkey Shoot

    NAWS CHINA LAKE • November 18-23 - Open contest to see which of the first 20 eligible patrons can bowl a strike in the third, sixth, or ninth frame receive a turkey,
    just in time for Thanksgiving. Activity attracts 75 participants.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200 / Booth/Display: $100

    Turkey Fun Run 5K

    NAWS CHINA LAKE • November 25 - This is a 5K fun run event held the day before Thanksgiving to promote fitness and healthy lifestyles. Expected participation is between 75-100.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $250 / Booth/Display: $150

    Thanksgiving Dinner

    NAWS CHINA LAKE • November 26 - An event celebrating Thanksgiving for Sailors who are not able to travel home for the holiday. Refreshments and other entertainment attract 150 participants.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200 / Navy Team: $100

    December Events

    Winter Wonderland

    NAWS CHINA LAKE • December 12-13 - This is a family event everyone can enjoy. The event features 40 tons of real snow, an ice skating rink, games, crafts, activities for children and a special visit from Santa Claus. A vendor fair, which features community resources and services, will be available during the event. The Winter Wonderland is expected to attract 600 active duty members and their families.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting $750 / Supporting: $500 / Official: $300 / Navy Team: $250 / Booth/Display: $150

    Christmas Dinner

    NAWS CHINA LAKE • December 24 - This event is a celebration for Sailors who are not able to travel home for the holiday. Complete with holiday dinner with all the trimmings and dessert, the dinner attracts 150 participants.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200 / Navy Team: $100