Financial Management

The keys to financial success are knowing where your money is going, knowing how to spend, budget, save and invest. FFSC's financial management staff are trained and certified Financial Management Educators who will assist you with your financial educational needs.

FFSC financial fitness professionals provide financial counseling as well as conduct workshops on subjects such as basic money management, budgeting, car buying, consumer awareness, home buying, investment strategies, predatory lending alternatives, and savings.

Command Financial Specialist (CFS)

Command Financial Specialist are enlisted E-6 or above or W1/O1 for officers. The CFS function as the command’s principal advisor on policies and matters related to personal financial management.

To attend a CFS workshop you must be approved through your command. Qualifications of the Command Financial Specialist (CFS):

  • Minimum pay grade will be E6 for enlisted; W2/O1 for officers.
  • Be highly motivated and financially stable. Meet screening criteria for financial stability, as determined by examination of debt to income ratio and review of most current credit reports.
  • Demonstrate competency in public speaking/facilitator forums.
  • Be designated, in writing by the Commanding Officer as outlined in OPNAVINST 1740 series.
  • Successfully complete the CFS training course provided by an authorized Family Center using CFS Training Courseware developed by Commander, Navy Installations (CNI) and Naval Education and Training Command (NETC).
  • Have at least one year remaining onboard present command at time of CFS course.
  • Participate in continuing education including, but not limited to, periodic CFS forums and CFS refresher training at least every three years.

Workshops Schedule

Date Workshop -
CFS Workshops – 07:30am -4:00pm, all other classes 1:00-2:00pm
June 7 Be a Savvy Consumer
June 15 Home Buying Workshop
July 5 Developing Your Spending Plan
July 12 CFS refresher
July 19 Master Your Credit and Defeat Your Debt
August 9 Financial Planning for Your Retirement
August 16 Car Buying Strategies
Sep 6 Be a Savvy Consumer
Sep 12-16 Command Financial Specialist
Oct 4 Developing Your Spending Plan
Oct 20 Home Buying Workshop
Nov 1 Master Your Credit and Defeat Your Debt
Nov 15 Be a Savvy Consumer
Dec 13 Financial Planning for Your Retirement
Dec 20 Car Buying Strategies

More classes are offered throughout the region and information can be found here or call FFSC if you have questions or further information.

One Call Serves All!

24/7 Appointment Scheduling for, clinical counseling, relocation assistance, resume assistance, and financial consultations at any Navy Region Southwest FFSC call 1-866-923-6478.

Language Interpretation Services

We have staff members fluent in Cantonese and Vietnamese, intermediate in Spanish, and novice in Mandarin to assist non-English speaking family members. Other languages are available through Military One Source.

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