• Swim lessons and lap swim take place at the Indoor Pool located inside the Sports & Fitness Complex. For more information or to sign up for lessons, contact the Sports & Fitness Complex at 760-939-2334.

    The Oasis Pool is located within walking distance of the Bachelor Housing as well as Lincoln Housing residents. This outdoor pool is open from May to September, and offers an array of water fun and weekly events. Don't miss out on the fun of our water slide!

    Oasis Pool is open to everyone with base access for a fee.


    Facility Contact Information
    Indoor Pool Bldg. 00022, Blandy Avenue
    Lap Swim Only: Monday-Thursday: 0500-0800, 1100-1300, 1500-1700 A/D Only, 1700-1900
    Friday: 0500-0800, 1100-1300, 1500-1700 A/D Only
    Weekends & Holidays: 1000-1500
    Phone: 760-939-2334
    Closed: Jan 1 & 18, 2016
    Oasis Outdoor Swimming Pool Bldg. 02187, Blandy Avenue
    Hours: Closed for Winter
    Phone: 760-939-3799

  • Swim Lessons:

    Private or group swim lessons available with certified instructors. For further details, call the Main Fitness Center at 760-939-2334.

    Kids Aqua Sport

    Monday & Wednesday 1700-1800
    Eligible MWR patron’s dependents, ages 4-10 (parent or guardian must accompany)
    FREE to eligible dependents / $3 for all others, accompanied by eligible patron
    Two, 30-minute sessions, mixed-up each day
    Kids! Come enjoy a variety of water sports & activities at the Indoor Pool including water polo, basketball, volleyball, water power training & karate.

    ADAPT (Active Duty Aqua PT)

    Monday, Wednesday & Friday 0500-0700
    Open to all Active Duty Military • FREE
    Bring your PT training to the pool! Workouts combine swimming & on-deck body weight exercise in a Functional Fitness capacity. Uniforms & boots allowed (shower first). Choose from the workouts provided.

    We rated our aquatics programs to assist you with your aquatic workout challenge.
    Level I (mild to moderate exertion) - perfect for those who prefer easy attainable moves
    Level II (moderate to beginning intense exertion) - a mid-level workout
    Level III (cardio time, intense exertion) - to push your fitness limits.


    Aqua Moves
    Monday and Wednesday 0630-0730
    Improve balance, strength, flexibility and muscle tone.


    Aqua Fit
    Flex Fridays 1130-1230
    Manage weight, muscle endurance and cardio conditioning.


    Aqua Logix
    Non Flex Fridays 1130-1230
    Use drag resistance to work muscles and improve strength.

    Aqua Boot Camp

    Monday, Wednesday & Friday 0515-0545
    Intense aquatic workout that targets all major muscle groups.

    Indoor Water Polo

    The water polo season continues at the Indoor Pool at the Main Fitness Center for the months of January-March. All eligible MWR patrons, 14 and up, with good swimming skills are welcome.
    Cost: FREE
    Skill Drills - Monday 1900-2000
    Games - Wednesday 1900-2000

    Active Duty Swim Clinic

    Located at the Main Fitness Center Indoor Pool 0500-0700
    A six-week clinic offered to Active Duty only to improve on strokes, timing and cardio conditioning; basic to advanced skills. Workouts are geared to improve your swim quals and PRT times. Swim anytime between 0500 to 0700. No sign ups required.
    Cost: FREE

    SWOW: Swim Workout of the Week

    Swim workouts posted poolside for beginner, intermediate and advanced training. Lanes reserved for your workout and Aquatics staff available to answer any questions.