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Flag Football 7 v 7

Sign up deadline Feb 8, 2016
Start date Feb 15, 2016
Captains Cup Event 1 of 5
Team fee $250
75% Active Duty and DoD teams Free
Must Be 18+ to participate
Minimum 6 teams / Maximum 12 teams

2016 Captains CUP

Will consist of 5 team sports throughout the year.
OPEN to Active Duty Commands


Flag football 7 v 7

Start date: February 15

8 VS 8 Tug-O-war Tournament

Monday, May 2 • 6 pm
Compete for the trophy at Schoeffel Field. Sign-up by 4/25. Double Elimination! Open to all eligible MWR patrons 18+. This is a Captains Cup event - no cleats allowed. For more information call 760-939-0755.


Start date: May 30 | Format: Season w/playoff


Start date: August 1  | Format: Season w/playoff


Pacific Coast Trail Adventure

Jan-Dec 2016
Sign-up at the Main Fitness Center or Fitness Annex
All day, every day
Must be done in our fitness facilities/fields
All eligible MWR patrons
This year-long event follows the 2,663 mile Pacific Coast Trail. Register at either Fitness Center, then log every mile you run, step, row, bike or swim. Aim for each landmark along the way, we’ll track your progress on the wall maps.

China Lake Challenge 2016

All day, every day
Must be done in our facilities/fields
All eligible MWR patrons
All events must be completed in Fitness Facilities or on our Sports Fields during the stated month. Record your progress with Fitness Staff and follow the Challenge Board at both sites. Top three leaders receive a different Challenge token for each event.
January: Month of the Push-Up. Complete as many military-style push-ups as you can.
February: Month of the Biathlon - 100 mile bike and 50 mile run
March: Month of the Squat. Complete as many squats as you can with at least ½ your body weight.
Get ready for April…Month of the Elliptical

Sports & Fitness Events

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