Commercial Sponsorship & Advertising

NAF El Centro is located in the heart of Southern California's Imperial Valley. It is a two-hour drive from San Diego and Palm Springs, one hour from Yuma, AZ, and fifteen minutes from the Mexican border. The base is a year-round destination for flight squadrons from the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, allied forces and other transient military personnel. Every month, seven to 12 squadrons and up to 1,600 personnel train here. Annually, MWR Facilities are visited more than 271,339 times by eligible patrons, including active duty military, civilian personnel and military retirees. NAF is also the "winter home" of the world-famous Blue Angels who kick off the start of their air show season at NAF El Centro. The air show is the largest single-day event in the Imperial Valley and attracts an estimated 65,000 spectators. With your message displayed on banners, posters, marquees, theater slides, and more, you are supporting our military while receiving hundreds of thousands of exposures!

Partner with MWR On Board NAF El Centro and reach a Military Market That Contributes $105 Million to the Area Economy! Contact us now for information on how you can reserve your preferred advertising on theater slides, in our Outlook Magazine, on banners, posters, countertop signs or our MWR vehicle to start building your brand awareness with El Centro's military consumers who contribute more than $105 million yearly to the area’s economy. We look forward to your call and the opportunity to partner with you and your company.


NAF El Centro MWR Marketing and Sponsorship Coordinator


    Partnering with MWR onboard Naval Air Facility (NAF) El Centro puts you in direct contact with more than 15,000 active duty military, reservists, retirees and DoD civilians at their workplaces, home and online. Annually, more than $105 million flows into the Imperial Valley economy from the military.

    Your advertising directly benefits and supports our troops and their families. Your involvement helps MWR provide quality of life events, activities and facilities which greatly enrich the lives of our service members and their families. When you support our military with your advertising messages, you are also building awareness and desirability about your company, product or service.

    Here is a snapshot of our active duty military across the nation:

    • 73% of active duty is male, average age is 26 and average length of service is 10.2 years
    • 73% live off base
    • 55% are married
    • 74% are ranked E-4 and above
    • 15% are officers
    • 91% have major credit cards
    • 80% own their own vehicles
    • 61% plan on buying a new vehicle within 12 months
    • 95% plan on furthering their education and can receive up to $3,500 in tuition assistance
    • 100% shop at off-base department or specialty stores, averaging 4.3 visits per month
    • 93% average 2.5 trips per year on civilian airlines
    • 88% plan on buying video, stereos or speakers
    • 48% plan on buying a personal computer
    • 18% perform their own auto maintenance


    This is the must-have information guide for what's happening on and around NAF El Centro! Capture an average of 2,500 exposures a month and 30,000 or more yearly with your company’s advertising message. Civilian and military personnel know this is where they will find Tickets & Travel offers, local area events, Fleet & Family Support Center information and MWR activities, events and facilities listings. MWR produces 400 copies of this four-color, glossy magazine bi-monthly. The Outlook is delivered to 11 MWR facilities including its gyms and fitness centers which are visited by 5,936 patrons monthly. Additional copies are available in the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites lobby (400 rooms occupied nightly) and the offices of Lincoln Military Housing (manages 100 homes and two communities). Electronic access is available online at, attracting additional viewers. Our very reasonable rates are as follows:

    Full-Page (7 ½"w x 10"h) $200
    Half-Page (7 ½"w x 4 ¾"h) $150
    Quarter-Page (3 ½"w x 4 ¾"h) $100
    Outside Back Cover (8 ¾"w x 7"h) $400
    Inside Front or Inside Back Cover (7 ½"w x 10"h) $300
    Half-Page Inside Front or Inside Back Cover (7 ½"w x 4 ¾"h) $200

    *Dependent on available space.


    MWR moviegoers have the best deal in town - FREE first-run movies daily for Sailors and families at THE NAF El Centro Theater. Let us feature your product or service ad in our 30-45 minute pre-feature advertising program of slides and video advertising. Usually filling the theater 15-30 minutes early, this 'captive' audience will see your vibrant, full-color advertisement for 30 or 15 seconds on our full-size, digital, 3-D movie screen that delivers superior picture and sound quality. The NAF Theater shows FREE first-run movies, airs 36 movies monthly and has a capacity of 308 patrons. From the family enjoying a budget-friendly evening together, married couples to single Sailors and their friends, your theater advertisement will reach each of them at least three times per movie. Your message will have at least 100 exposures per movie. Total monthly exposures will average 3,600 or more for a 30 or 15-second movie slide.

    MONTHLY RATE: (JPEG landscape images: 26.67"w x 15"h at 72 ppi • Video format: .wmv file)
    Slide $250
    15-second video spot $300
    30-second video spot $350


    MWR is a well-known and widely used network of support and leisure services designed for use by the military, their families, civilian employees, military retirees and other eligible patrons.

    On board NAF El Centro, thousands of eligible patrons and their families make use of these MWR benefits daily. Your message displayed on banners, posters and signs can capture this untapped target audience and maximize your advertising exposure. Build brand awareness at MWR's base fitness centers and gym which serve 6,227 monthly. Reach nearly 3,000 junior enlisted active duty Sailors each month at the base Liberty Center which has programs and special events, access to the internet, movies and video games. At the bowling and recreation center that includes pizza, arcade games and a go-kart track, 2,569 patrons visit monthly. Reach a combined average of 5,150 outdoor sports enthusiasts and Auto Skills Center patrons each month. Capture the attention of 3,236 patrons monthly at the base RV Park and equipment rental center. Display your advertising message at all of NAF El Centro's MWR facilities for a total annual exposure of more than 242,000.


    BANNERS (6'W X 3'H)
    Fitness/Sports Facilities (3) $300
    Outdoor Sports/Fields $150
    Liberty (Cyber Café) $250
    Auto Skills Center $150
    Bowling Recreation Center $250
    Pools (2) $100
    RV Park $200
    POSTERS (22"W X 28"H)
    Fitness/Sports Facilities (3) $250
    Outdoor Sports/Fields $150
    Liberty (Cyber Café) $225
    Auto Skills Center $125
    Bowling Recreation Center $225
    Pools (2) $75
    RV Park $175
    Fitness/Sports Facilities (3) $200
    RV Park $150
    Liberty (Cyber Café) $175
    Auto Skills Center $100
    Bowling Recreation Center $175
    Pools (2) $75
    Fitness/Sports Facilities (3) $200
    RV Park $150
    Liberty (Cyber Café) $175
    Auto Skills Center $100
    Bowling Recreation Center $175
    Pools (2) $75

    (Rates are reduced with frequency)


    MWR operates state-of-the-art golf courses, driving ranges, putting and chipping greens set in the spectacular and striking natural settings throughout California and Fallon, Nevada. Advertising on Navy Region Southwest Golf Courses reaches an affluent military audience and community leaders.

    A limited number of placement opportunities ensure golfers will not get “advertising fatigue,” and will notice your company’s message. Your banner can be prominently placed on one of our golf properties. Or place your message on a range divider at one of our highly used driving ranges. The El Centro Driving Range is a canopied driving range that is a recreational facility in itself. The driving range is open dawn to dusk and serves 706 golfers annually.

    Banner (3’x6’) $150
    Driving Range Divider $150

    Navy Region Southwest Services Directory

    Navy Region Southwest, Community Support Programs (CSP) offers an annual base services directory (45,000 published) for personnel and their families throughout the state of California and Fallon, Nevada. This approximately 24-page full-color publication is distributed through Navy Welcome Aboard packets, Housing Service Centers, bachelor housing, MWR, Fleet & Family Support centers, and NEX facilities. Download or view the current directory on the regional website ( Ad space is limited, with camera-ready art due April 11, 2014. Issue date is June 2014.

    Full-Color Ad
    PDF, TIFF, JPEG and CMYK formats; 300 dpi
    Full-Page - 4 1/8"w x 7"h $2,000
    Half-Page - 4 1/8"w x 3½"h $1,500
    Full-Page Back Cover - 4 1/8"w x 7"h $4,000
    Full-Page - 4 1/8"w x 7"h $2,000
    Half-Page - 4 1/8"w x 3 1/2"h $1,500


    Build brand awareness and desirability with this unique and catchy form of advertising. Vehicle wraps are an excellent way to get your company noticed and remembered. The Federal Highway Administration reports that a vehicle outfitted with an advertisement generates thousands of impressions per day.

    Transform MWR's vehicle into your company's travelling billboard. Wrapped with your advertisement, it will be seen by up to 1,100 base personnel on its daily route to MWR facilities. MWR support staff also travel off the base to San Diego and will acquire hundreds of additional exposures. When not in use, your company's personal billboard, with your advertising message, will be parked in a high-traffic location, seen daily by patrons visiting the Liberty Center, Navy Exchange, Commissary and base movie theater. Your message will receive up to 33,000 exposures a month and more than 396,000 impressions per year. Compare the monthly cost of a vehicle wrap to newspaper, radio or television advertising and you will realize the minimal cost of a vehicle wrap that advertises your message for a continuous 365 days.

    Build brand recognition with everyone who sees your message on MWR's wrapped vehicle and raise your company's profile. Advertiser supplies, installs and removes wrap.

    MWR Marketing Vehicle $10,000

  • Sponsorship Opportunities

    Ongoing Events

    Sailors Home-Away-From-Home • Liberty Center Programs

    Region-wide Liberty Centers are for enlisted active duty. Each center is an alcohol-and tobacco-free facility designed to be the Sailor’s “home away from home.” Liberty Centers offer in-house activities from pool tournaments and free BBQ events to life skill workshops, free internet computer stations and computer gaming. Each Liberty Center also offers trips and adventures to places like Big Bear, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, paintball and the Price is Right. All trips are open to all active duty and one guest 18 years or older. Liberty Centers serve over 2,500 Sailors annually.
    Sponsorship Levels for each base: Presenting: $2,000 / Supporting: $1,500 / Official: $500 / Navy Team: $150

    Youth Programs

    Region-wide Youth Programs offer a wide variety of recreation for children ages three to seventeen. These programs offer physical activities, field trips to theme parks and local attractions, movie nights, dances, entertainment, holiday celebrations, after school programs and many more fun events for our military children. Sponsorship for Youth Programs supports activities for approximately 480,000 annually, region-wide.
    Sponsorship Levels for each base: Presenting: $3,000 / Supporting: $2,000/ Official: $1,000 / Navy Team: $500

    January Events

    Parent & Child Bowling League

    NAF EL CENTRO • Begins January 5 - Parents and children team up as one to battle against other teams in this two month bowling league. The season will end with a pizza party and an award ceremony. Awards will be presented to first place, second place and third place teams finishing with the highest score. Expected participation is
    50 parents and children.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200 / Booth/Display: $100

    February Events

    Children Friendship Celebration/Breakfast Around the World

    NAF EL CENTRO • February 13 - The Friendship Celebration and Breakfast Around the World is a good opportunity for teachers to educate children on the values of being kind to others through different sharing activities. The event features a diverse feast of breakfast foods prepared from different cultures around the world as well as Valentines Cards and “A Special Love Potion” smoothie. Expected participation is 64 children and teachers.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200

    Earth Day

    NAF EL CENTRO • February 22 - Youth Programs children, ages pre-toddler thru preschoolers, will be honoring “Earth Day” by planting their very own garden in their playground. By working in a garden, a child can experience the satisfaction that comes from caring for something over time as well as observing the cycle of life. This garden also teaches the children about environmental awareness. Expected participation is 64 children as well as teachers.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200

    March Events

    Blue Angels 10K Fun Run/Walk/Public Event

    NAF EL CENTRO • March 7 - Celebrate the 5th Annual Blue Angels 10K Fun Run... it’s a family event for all ages! You can run, walk or bike the course (strollers are allowed) while the Blue Angels practice overhead. Refreshments, LIVE music and food will be available at the end of the event. The expected participation is 500 active duty.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $1,000 / Supporting: $500 / Official: $250 / Booth/Display: $150

    Entertainment and Food Festival/Public Event

    NAF EL CENTRO • March 13 - This event kicks off the NAF El Centro Air Show featuring the Navy’s Blue Angels and provides an opportunity to meet the Air Show performers. The event includes sample foods from local Imperial Valley restaurants, a Kids’ Zone and a fireworks display to top off the evening, plus a Sponsor expo, entertainment, awards ceremony and door prizes. Open to the public with 10,000 attendees.
    Sponsorship Levels - Festival: $500 / Booth/Display: $250

    NAF El Centro Air Show/Public Event

    NAF EL CENTRO • March 14 - This annual event is held for both community and military families. Kicking off the air show season, this event features the Navy’s Blue Angels and attracts an audience from California, Arizona and beyond. Entertainment, exhibitor expo, Air Show performer autograph opportunities, Kids’ Zone and preferred viewing areas make this a “must-attend” event. This open-to-the-public event attracts 50,000 participants.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $25,000 / Naval Aviation: $10,000 / Air Boss: $7,500 / Flight: $5,000 / Detachment: $1,000 / Commercial Booth: $500/ Small Business Sponsorship: $100

    St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

    NAF EL CENTRO • March 17 - St. Patrick’s Day will be a fun-filled learning celebration for all Youth Programs children. Teachers will emphasize how diverse America is as a nation as well as how important it is to understand different cultures. This is especially important because on a daily basis military families interact with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. This day will also be used to teach children about Irish customs and traditions as well as practice their cooking skills by making potato pancakes. Expected participation is 150 military children and parents.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200

    April Events

    Month of the Military Child

    NAF EL CENTRO • April - During the month of April, NAF El Centro will celebrate the Month of the Military Child to honor all the military children in the Youth Programs for their sacrifices and courage. Children participate in a month full of fun activities like: a base parade, white and blue cooking activities, camping days in the classroom, picnics and water play fun as well as make snow cones to hand out to patrons. Expected participation is 150 military children and parents.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200

    Underwater Easter Egg Hunt

    NAF EL CENTRO • April 1 - Youth Programs will partner with Aquatics and military housing to host an Underwater Easter Egg Hunt. The hot weather is conducive for children to have fun collecting eggs underwater. There will be Easter egg hunting for children who cannot be in the pool. Expected participation is 60 children.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200 / Booth/Display: $100

    Hide & Seek

    NAF EL CENTRO • April 3 - Spring brings a hand full of colorful activities for children. One of them is Hide & Seek, in which Youth Programs staff will hide eggs and children will seek for them. Children will practice their motor skills as they run around the playground in search of the hidden eggs. They will later come indoors to peel a boiled egg, which they can enjoy. Expected participation is 56 children and Youth Programs staff members.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200 / Booth/Display: $100

    May Events

    Mommy & Me Tea Party

    NAF EL CENTRO • May 8 - The Youth Programs children will be hosting a very special tea party for their mother figure: let it be mom, dad, grandma or that special person they would like to invite. Each child will have a special place reserved for them to have a peaceful time with “their special guest,” which they can enjoy a cup of tea, muffin and fruit over a little chat and relaxing time. Expected participation is 64.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200

    June Events

    Summer Reading Kick Off “Read to the Rhythm”

    NAF EL CENTRO • June 12-August 14 - The Youth Programs summer reading program, “Read to the Rhythm,” is an excellent opportunity for children to maintain their reading skills while on summer break. It encourages and motivates children to read for pleasure as well as introduces them to the library system. During the kick off, children and parents will enjoy food, entertainment as well as register for the program. Throughout the summer reading program, children will participate in activities to encourage ‘reading to the rhythm,’ such as a Zumba instructor guest reader. Children will receive prizes for completing their reading logs. Expected participation is 150 children.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200

    Brunch With Daddy/Father of the Caribbean

    NAF EL CENTRO • June 19 - Father’s Day is considered extremely important to our military children, as it helps acknowledge the contribution of fathers to families. Father’s Day provides children with an opportunity to express love and respect for their fathers as well as to honor that special person they know as “Dad.” Children will invite their dad or ‘special guest’ for a celebration with “Caribbean style” refreshments. Expected participation is 60 military dads and children.
    Sponsorship Levels - Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200

    August Events

    Summer Palooza “End of Summer Bash”

    NAF EL CENTRO • August 14 - This annual event, held around the small pool to celebrate the end of summer, provides a relaxing night filled with fun, refreshments,
    bounce houses, character artists and live entertainment. This fun family event attracts 300 patrons.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200 / Booth/Display: $150

    Day for Kids at End of Summer Bash

    NAF EL CENTRO • August 15 - Youth Programs will host a fun family picnic for kids and teens to celebrate the end of summer. The End of Summer Bash also features a field day of activities and games for all ages. Parents are invited to spend a fun-filled day interacting and playing with their kids and teens before heading into the busy school year. The event will attract 200 military children.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $250

    September Events

    Triathlon/Public Event

    NAF EL CENTRO • September 12 - The triathlon includes a 500-yard swim, 10-mile bike ride and 5K run. Participants enjoy a health expo, refreshments and awards.
    Event is open to the public and active duty and attracts 50 participants and 150 spectators.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $250 / Booth/Display: $150

    Worldwide Restaurant

    NAF EL CENTRO • September 24 - Youth Programs will open their own restaurant to help teach diversity of the different cultures displayed throughout America during its annual Open House. They will prepare different foods from around the world and the children will be receptionist, cashiers, waiters and waitresses, bus boys and bus girls, cooks as well as cleaners. This is a way to promote our program to military families and DOD families. Expected participation is 150.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $250

    October Events

    4th Annual Oktoberfest

    NAF EL CENTRO • October 29 - Organized by Youth Programs, parents and children of active duty can participate in a carnival-like setting with different booths that offer fun activities and prizes. This event encourages families to become involved in the different services offered on the base. The event will attract 250 participants.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $250

    November Events

    Welcome Back Sock Hop

    NAF EL CENTRO • November 6 - RV Park hosts a welcome back for all patrons who return for the season and volunteer for various activities. Event includes refreshments and entertainment. Expected participation is 300.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500/ Supporting: $300 / Official: $250 / Booth/Display: $150

    Annual Go Kart Grand Prix

    NAF EL CENTRO • November 13 - Eight commands, 64 drivers and only ONE winner! In this annual event, active duty will race around base in go karts to see which command is #1! This event is expected to draw 100 participants and spectators.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $250

    Thanksgiving Luncheon

    NAF EL CENTRO • November 18 - Thanksgiving lunch will offer the perfect moment to pause, reflect and to thank all the people who helped the Youth Programs through the spring and summer. The children will be dressed in festive Thanksgiving wear and a slideshow will be shown, showcasing all the accomplishments of the center for the year. Expected participation is 150 military children and their parents.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $250

    Turkey Trot

    NAF EL CENTRO • November 19 - A 5K run during Thanksgiving week for the whole family. Runners are divided into groups based on age and the winners of each group receive awards. The event promotes fitness for the holidays and holiday themed attire is encouraged. The Turkey Trot is expected to attract 150 participants.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $250 / Booth/Display: $150

    December Events

    Santa’s Village

    NAF EL CENTRO • December 5 - Military families stroll through an authentic, life-sized Santa’s Village. A few stop along the way include Santa’s Grotto, Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen, where children receive cookies and cocoa, and the Elves’ Workshop, where every child will be surprised with a gift. The expected participation is 400.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500/ Supporting: $350 / Official: $500 / Navy Team: $300 / Booth/Display: $250

    Cookies with Santa

    NAF EL CENTRO • December 18 - Santa will arrive at the Youth Center with bags of toys to handout to all the wonderful children. His little helpers, “the Elves,” will hand out cookies and milk as well as dance and sing with the children. Expected participation is 64.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200 / Navy Team: $100