How much is admission?
General admission is free.

How much is parking?
Parking is free.

How do I get to NAF El Centro?
For directions on how to get to Naval Air Facility El Centro please look at our complete information for directions and parking by clicking here. If you are using an online map service to get directions, typically typing in NAF El Centro as the destination will work.

Is fuel for my automobile available?
No. Please make sure you have plenty of fuel in your automobile before coming to the Air Show.

Is there wheelchair access to all seating areas?
Wheelchairs can access all seating areas. Special wheelchair seating in the grandstands is available, with paid admission, but limited to first-come, first-served. Grandstand seating is not reserved, so first-level seating cannot be guaranteed. One seat may be removed from a box of 10 seats to provide space in that area. All other seating areas are readily accessible.

Do you have handicapped transportation on the flight line?
Yes. Once you are on the flight line, please stop by the Information Booth, located at the airfield entry gate and request handicap transportation. Please keep in mind they will be busy, but the information booth will have chairs available while you’re waiting.

Where do I park?
When you arrive at NAF El Centro, security personnel will direct you to available parking lots.

Is handicapped parking available? If so, where will they be directed for parking?
Yes, handicapped parking is available. If your vehicle has a handicapped license plate decal or a windshield pass. Handicapped parking is limited and is available on first come first served basis. Security personnel will direct you to available handicapped parking lots.

Will there be RV/travel trailer parking?
RV/Travel Trailers are allowed onto the air station; however, no overnight parking or tailgating is allowed.

Is there a general parking lot shuttle?
No shuttle is available.

Is there public transportation to the air show?
No public transportation is planned at this time.

Can I bring a bike, roller blades or scooter?
No, for the safety of all spectators, these items will not be allowed on the show grounds. In addition, shoes with wheels in the sole aren’t permitted.

Are pets allowed?
Seeing-eye and other working dogs are permitted. Otherwise, pets are not allowed into the Air Show spectator area or left inside cars in the Air Show parking lots.

Are cameras allowed?
Cameras are allowed (still, video, and digital). Your camera bags are subject to search upon entry.

If I have a small child, can I bring a stroller?
Strollers are permitted; however, they are subject to search upon entry.

Is there shade?
The air show facility is under an open sky. Patrons are encouraged to plan accordingly.

Will restroom facilities be available?
Temporary (portable) facilities will be available.

Is tailgating allowed?

What is the performance schedule?
Performers will begin daily around 9 a.m. Because of many last-minute changes in performers and schedules, exact times are not available. There will be continuous aerial excitement from the start of the show until the show closes, as well as static displays, vendor booths and the Consumer Fair exhibits. For the latest list performances, see our listings of performers, static displays, aerial performers, and the general schedule of events.

What time do the Blue Angels fly?
Typically, the Blue Angels fly at 3 pm. The performance is approximately one hour. Click here for a general schedule of events.

Where is the best place to watch the show?
The entire spectator area will have a good view of the air show events. Favorite areas are near show center (where the Chalets and bleachers may be) and near the far west side (near where the performers are parked and taxi to / from)

Will I be able to exit the event once I drive on?
Yes. The only available exit during the air show performance is an unpaved uneven dirt road that crosses a canal and may be too rough for some vehicles and/or persons.

What happens if it rains?
The air show will occur rain or shine. Handheld umbrellas are allowed. In the event of severe weather, flying times will be postponed to later in the day. There is NO rain date for the show.

Can I fly my own plane into NAF El Centro?
No. Only pre-approved static display and performer aircraft are allowed to fly into NAF El Centro for the show. NAF El Centro is a military Facility and not a general aviation facility.

I want to display my Aircraft on the static display line. Who do I contact?
Please contact the Naval Air Facility El Centro Public Affairs Officer via email at

How can I get involved with the air show?
Please contact the Naval Air Facility El Centro Public Affairs Officer via email at

I have additional questions. Who do I contact?
Please contact the Naval Air Facility El Centro Public Affairs Officer via email at