We are happy to have you, your friends and your family as our guests here at Naval Air Facility El Centro. We will do everything to ensure that your Air Show experience is safe and enjoyable.

Pay Attention

Watch where you are walking. Trip hazards are everywhere. Watch for tent ropes and aircraft tie-down chains. Watch for trip hazards. Avoid trips and falls. Avoid walking into air craft. Do stay aware. There are often vehicles or machinery moving around public areas such as the static displays.

Bring a Hat

A hat can make a lot of difference to your comfort level. Ball caps are OK, but watch out for sunburn on your lower face and neck. Many people prefer to wear hats with wide brims for better protection. A long-sleeved shirt and long pants are also recommended.

Wear Sunscreen

You’ll probably be in the sun a lot. Beware cloudy or hazy days – you may get more sun than you think. Don’t forget to cover the children! The higher the SPF the better.

Use Lip Balm

As this is a very arid climate, lips can become easily parched and chapped, so plan accordingly.

Bring Sunglasses

Polarized lenses are especially good for shows that take place over water since they reduce glare.

Avoid Having to Stand on Your Feet All Day

Bring something to sit or lie on. Bring something to use as a drop sheet if you are going to be on the ground. You can lean on your backpack for some support. Or carry lawn or camping chairs. Keep in mind that you’ll be looking up at an angle for most of the show so a chair that is somewhat reclined may be more comfortable.

Plan on a Lot of Walking

Do wear comfortable shoes or footgear; the flight line is paved and you may walk long distances. You may cover several miles before the day is done.

Plan For Inclement Conditions

Bring rain gear just in case. Be prepared for showers. Many air shows continue in light rain as long as the clouds are high enough. Bring bug spray – insects might be a problem.

Drink Water

Don’t get dehydrated. Water will be available throughout the Air Show area. Refreshments are normally available but your own supply of water may come in handy. Note that alcohol may make your dehydration worse so if you do visit the “beer tent,” drink in moderation. Don’t rely on soda to prevent dehydration.

Plan For Noise

Bring earplugs — Jets can make a lot of noise in some cases, or you may find yourself next to an overly loud speaker system for the air show announcer.

No Smoking

Don’t smoke around aircraft. Planes in a static display sometimes vent fuel as the plane heats up in the sun. Some fabric-covered aircraft have coatings that are highly flammable. Smoking is not permitted near aircraft or in hangars, including the static display areas.

Plan Ahead

Do find out where you can get medical aid or seek assistance if you need it. If you are in a group and you get separated, where will you meet? If you have children with you make sure they know how to get help if they get lost.

Things You Should Know

  • Uniformed security personnel are there to help. Follow all instructions from uniformed security personnel.
  • Very few things on our flight line are soft to the touch; most things are made of metal and have lots of edges on them. Keep your eyes focused in the direction you’re walking and be aware of low-hanging (and flying!) aircraft components.
  • Medical personnel are on call to render assistance to anyone that requires it. Notify any uniformed security person or air show worker if you or any member of your group requires medical attention.
  • Unattended bags and packages will be removed from the premises.
  • Neither strollers nor wheelchairs will be available for rent at the air show.
  • Sun protection, including hat, long-sleeved shirts and long pants and sun screen are recommended.