Guiding Principles

Customers are why we exist. We are committed to excellence in the products and services we provide and to building a reputation for quality customer service. We hold ourselves accountable for providing a positive customer experience.

We are committed to continuously measuring and improving all work process by employing innovative ideas, encouraging teamwork and evaluating customer satisfaction.

We observe the highest standards in all that we do. We are committed to open and effective communication, honesty, integrity, equal opportunity and responsible use of all resources. We strive to provide employees maximum opportunities for participation, education, professional growth and empowerment. We are committed to providing a safe, wholesome and healthy environment for customers and employees.


Commander, Navy Region Southwest Community Support Programs is the world class organization of choice among the customers we serve. We are lean, thoroughly trained, and take pride in our work. We aggressively strive to maximize the delivery of high quality products and services by ensuring the most efficient/effective use of resources, taking advantage of new concepts and technologies, and proactively supporting the changing needs and preferences of a dynamic customer population.