Commercial Sponsorship & Advertising

NAS FALLON is made up of active duty military, contractors and civilian workers. Known as the "Biggest Little Air Station in the World," NAS Fallon is home to the Navy's TOPGUN and TOPDOME schools where Carrier Air Groups from around the country come to train for air operations. When onboard, these training groups increase the base personnel of approximately 3,000 by 150%. Fallon’s MWR facilities are visited annually by more than 465,000 patrons. With your message displayed on banners, posters, marquees, theater slides, and more, you are supporting our military while receiving hundreds of thousands of exposures!

NAS Fallon is home to the Fighting Saints of VFC-13, the Desert Outlaws of Strike Fighter Weapons Det. and the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center. NAS Fallon serves as the Navy's premier tactical air warfare training center. Known throughout the Navy, it is the only facility in existence where an entire carrier air wing can conduct comprehensive training while integrating every element of the wing into realistic battle scenarios. Originally designed as a primary base to launch missions against a Japanese strike against the West Coast, the air station has evolved into a versatile, comprehensive training facility known to aviators around the world as the pinnacle of air warfare training.

Contact us today for information on how you can reserve your preferred advertising on theater slides, in our Desert Views Magazine, on banners, posters, countertop signs or our MWR vehicle to start building your brand awareness with Fallon’s military consumers who contribute more than $31.5 million yearly to the area’s economy. I look forward to your call and the opportunity to partner with you and your company.


NAS Fallon MWR Marketing


    Partnering with MWR onboard Naval Air Station (NAS) Fallon puts you in direct contact with more than 15,000 active duty military, reservists, retirees and DoD civilians at their workplaces, home and online. Annually, more than $31.5 million flows into Churchill County's economy from the military.

    Your advertising directly benefits and supports our troops and their families. Your involvement helps MWR provide quality of life events, activities and facilities which greatly enrich the lives of our service members and their families. When you support our military with your advertising messages, you are also building awareness and desirability about your company, product or service.

    Here is a snapshot of our active duty military across the nation:

    • 73% of active duty is male, average age is 26 and average length of service is 10.2 years
    • 73% live off base
    • 55% are married
    • 74% are ranked E-4 and above
    • 15% are officers
    • 91% have major credit cards
    • 80% own their own vehicles
    • 61% plan on buying a new vehicle within 12 months
    • 95% plan on furthering their education and can receive up to $3,500 in tuition assistance
    • 100% shop at off-base department or specialty stores, averaging 4.3 visits per month
    • 93% average 2.5 trips per year on civilian airlines
    • 88% plan on buying video, stereos or speakers
    • 48% plan on buying a personal computer
    • 18% perform their own auto maintenance


    This is the must-have information guide for what's happening on and around NAS Fallon! Capture an average of 5,000 exposures a month and 60,000 or more yearly with your company’s advertising message. Civilian and military personnel know this is where they will find Tickets & Travel offers, local area events, Fleet & Family Support Center information and MWR activities, events and facilities listings. MWR produces 3,000 copies of this four-color, glossy magazine quarterly. The Desert Views is delivered to 11 MWR facilities including its gym and the Liberty Center, which are visited by 13,000 patrons monthly! The Navy Gateway Inns & Suites (NGIS) places a new copy in each of its 1600 transient rooms quarterly, to be referenced by an average of 700 patrons monthly. Electronic access is available online at, attracting additional viewers. Our very reasonable rates are as follows:

    Full-Page (7 ½"w x 10"h) $200
    Half-Page (7 ½"w x 4 ¾"h) $150
    Quarter-Page (3 ½"w x 4 ¾"h) $100
    Outside Back Cover (8 ¾"w x 7"h) $400
    Inside Front or Inside Back Cover (7 ½"w x 10"h) $300
    Half-Page Inside Front or Inside Back Cover (7 ½"w x 4 ¾"h) $200

    *Dependent on available space.


    MWR moviegoers have the best deal in town - FREE first-run movies daily for Sailors and families at NAS Fallon's Desert Moon Theater. Let us feature your product or service ad in our 30-45 minute pre-feature advertising program of slides and video advertising. Usually filling the theater 15-30 minutes early to pick a good seat, this 'captive' audience will see your vibrant, full-color advertisement for 30 or 15 seconds on our full-size, digital, 3-D movie screen that delivers superior picture and sound quality. The Desert Moon Theater shows FREE first-run movies, airs 56 movies monthly and has a capacity of 162 patrons. From the family enjoying a budget-friendly evening together, married couples to single Sailors and their friends, your theater advertisement will reach each of them at least three times per movie. Total monthly exposures will average 9,000 or more for a 30 or 15-second movie slide.

    MONTHLY RATE (JPEG landscape images: 26.67"w x 15"h at 72 ppi • Video format: .wmv file)
    Slide $350
    30-second video spot $450
    15-second video spot $400


    MWR is a well-known and widely used network of support and leisure services designed for use by the military, their families, civilian employees, military retirees and other eligible patrons.

    On board NAS Fallon, thousands of eligible patrons and their families make use of these MWR benefits daily. Your message displayed on banners, posters and signs can capture this untapped target audience and maximize your advertising exposure. Build brand awareness at MWR's base fitness center and gym which serves 8,100 monthly. Reach nearly 6,000 junior enlisted active duty Sailors monthly at the base Liberty Center which has programs and special events, access to the internet, movies and video games. At the bowling and recreation center your message will be seen by more than 1,000 patrons monthly. Display your advertising message at all of NAS Fallon's MWR facilities for a total annual exposure of more than 180,000.

    Monthly rates for:

    BANNERS (6'W X 3'H)
    Fitness Facility $500
    Liberty Center $250
    Bowling Recreation Center $250
    Golf Driving Range $150
    POSTERS (22"W X 28"H)
    Fitness Facility $300
    Liberty Centers $250
    Outdoor Recreation Rental $250
    Bowling Recreation Center $150
    Fitness Facility $250
    Liberty Center $200
    Outdoor Recreation Rental $250
    Bowling Recreation Center $100
    Outdoor Recreation Rental $250
    Liberty Center $100
    Fitness Facility $100
    Bowling Recreation Center $50

    Rates are reduced with frequency

    Navy Region Southwest Services Directory

    Navy Region Southwest, Community Support Programs (CSP) offers an annual base services directory (45,000 published) for personnel and their families throughout the state of California and Fallon, Nevada. This approximately 24-page full-color publication is distributed through Navy Welcome Aboard packets, Housing Service Centers, bachelor housing, MWR, Fleet & Family Support centers, and NEX facilities. Download or view the current directory on the regional website ( Ad space is limited, with camera-ready art due April 11, 2014. Issue date is June 2014.

    Full-Color Ad
    PDF, TIFF, JPEG and CMYK formats; 300 dpi
    Full-Page - 4 1/8"w x 7"h $2,000
    Half-Page - 4 1/8"w x 3½"h $1,500
    Full-Page Back Cover - 4 1/8"w x 7"h $4,000
    Full-Page - 4 1/8"w x 7"h $2,000
    Half-Page - 4 1/8"w x 3 1/2"h $1,500


    Build brand awareness and desirability with this unique and catchy form of advertising. Vehicle wraps are an excellent way to get your company noticed and remembered. The Federal Highway Administration reports that a vehicle outfitted with an advertisement generates thousands of impressions per day.

    Transform MWR's vehicle into your company's travelling billboard. Wrapped with your advertisement, it will be seen by up to 3,000 base personnel daily as it delivers MWR's KingPin Pizza to the base enlisted quarters, two student dorms and the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites. Your message will receive up to 90,000 exposures a month and more than one million impressions per year. Compare the monthly cost of a vehicle wrap to newspaper, radio or television advertising and you will realize the minimal cost of a vehicle wrap that advertises your message for a continuous 365 days.

    Build brand recognition with everyone who sees your message on MWR's wrapped vehicle and raise your company's profile. Advertiser supplies, installs and removes wrap.

    MWR Marketing Vehicle $2,000

  • Golf Advertising Opportunities

    Fallon Driving Range

    The Fallon Driving Range is a 300-yard six-space driving range, where golfers can improve their swing. The driving range is open dawn to dusk and serves 1,830 golfers annually.

    Advertising on Navy Region Southwest Golf Courses reaches an affluent military audience and community leaders.

    A limited number of placement opportunities ensure golfers will not get “advertising fatigue,” and will notice your company’s message. Your banner can be prominently placed on one of our golf properties. Or place your message on a range divider at one of our highly used driving ranges. Posters, countertop brochure displays, or countertop signs in high traffic areas will catch the eye of your target market. Tee-box recognition may be purchased for company promotion.

    Call today to reserve your advertising space.

    Golf Advertising Rates

    Monthly advertising rate for Advertiser-Provided Banners, Posters, Countertop Signs and Brochures, Tee-box Signage and double-sided driving range dividers.

    Average Monthly Exposures 200
    Banner (3' x 6') $100
    Poster (22" x 30") N/A
    Brochure Stand (4" x 10") N/A
    Countertop Sign (8.5" x 11") N/A
    Tee-Box Signage (1 tee-box) N/A
    Driving Range Divider (5' x 8") (3 dividers) $150
    Sampling $100

  • Ongoing Events

    Sailors Home-Away-From-Home • Liberty Center Programs

    Region-wide Liberty Centers are for enlisted active duty. Each center is an alcohol-and tobacco-free facility designed to be the Sailor’s “home away from home.” Liberty Centers offer in-house activities from pool tournaments and free BBQ events to life skill workshops, free internet computer stations and computer gaming. Each Liberty Center also offers trips and adventures to places like Big Bear, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, paintball and the Price is Right. All trips are open to all active duty and one guest 18 years or older. Liberty Centers serve over 2,500 Sailors annually.
    Sponsorship Levels for each base: Presenting: $2,000 / Supporting: $1,500 / Official: $500 / Navy Team: $150

    Youth Programs

    Region-wide Youth Programs offer a wide variety of recreation for children ages three to seventeen. These programs offer physical activities, field trips to theme parks and local attractions, movie nights, dances, entertainment, holiday celebrations, after school programs and many more fun events for our military children. Sponsorship for Youth Programs supports activities for approximately 480,000 annually, region-wide.
    Sponsorship Levels for each base: Presenting: $3,000 / Supporting: $2,000/ Official: $1,000 / Navy Team: $500

    Annual Longest Runway Run/Walk Series

    NAS FALLON • Bi-monthly - Varied lengths of runs/walks are included in this bi-monthly series of run/walk events culminating in a 5K on the Navy’s longest runway. Runners who participate in all six runs earn a commemorative souvenir. The event concludes with refreshments, door prizes and awards. The expected participation is
    1,000 active duty members.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $1,500 / Supporting: $1,000 / Official: $500 / Booth/Display: $200

    Outdoor Adventure Series

    NAS FALLON • Monthly - Series of events focused on outdoor activities, high adventure, education, Navy fitness including orienteering, GPS, camping, hiking, gliding, mountain climbing, mountain biking, paddling (kayak/paddleboards) and trail running. The expected participation is 1,000 active duty members.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $1,500 / Supporting: $1,000 / Official: $500

    April Events

    Month of the Military Child Luncheon

    NAS FALLON • April 23 - An open house for the Youth Centers includes child development information. A resource fair includes refreshments and booths with Fleet and Family, MWR and School-Liaison programs information. Expected participation is 100.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting Sponsor: $500 / Official Sponsor: $250 / Booth/Display: $100

    May Events

    May Fitness Month

    NAS FALLON • May 1-31 - All eligible MWR patrons join in this month-long fitness challenge and incentive program at the Warrior Physical Training Facility. Various challenges, games and competitions are given to patrons to improve their fitness in an enjoyable environment promoting physical education. The expected participation is 2,000.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $2,000 / Supporting: $1,500 / Official: $1,000 / Navy Team: $500 / Booth/Display: $100

    August Events

    End of Summer Bash

    NAS FALLON • August 28 - Military families will enjoy saying farewell to summer with a bang. This event features a live band, inflatables, contests, great food and a carnival-like atmosphere for the whole community to enjoy. This fun event attracts 500 participants.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $1,000 / Supporting: $500 / Official $250 / Booth/Display: $150

    September Events

    Father/Daughter Dance

    NAS FALLON • September 4 - Dads and daughters of all ages are encouraged to join in a wonderful night of dancing. This year’s dance features an informal barn theme with inflatables, rides, DJ, contests, photo booth and an interactive, fun farm display! The event is expected at attract 400 fathers and daughters.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $750 / Supporting: $500 / Official: $300 / Navy Team: $150

    October Events

    Haunted Swamp

    NAS FALLON • October 22-23 - Indoor pool is transformed into a haunted swamp and brave visitors cross the scary waters in rafts pulled by SAR volunteers. This fun event attracts 500 participants.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $1,000 / Supporting: $500 / Official: $250 / Booth/Display: $150

    November Events

    Family Appreciation Luncheon

    NAS FALLON • November 20 - This event is an open house for military families hosted by the teen program. Parents and families will be treated to a luncheon and a resource fair for services available to them. The event is expected to attract 100 parents and military children.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $250

    Liberty Thanksgiving Day “Leave Room For Dessert”

    NAS FALLON • November 26 - This is a celebration of Thanksgiving for Sailors who are not able to travel home for the holiday. Refreshments and other entertainment attract 150 participants.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $500 / Supporting: $300 / Official: $200 / Booth/Display: $150

    December Events

    Where’s Santa? Hunt

    NAS FALLON • December 1-19 - Everyone gets involved in the search for the Santa doll hiding on-board NAS Fallon! MWR staff puts out a different clue each day, challenging participants to find the doll before the 19th and win a great prize. Participation is expected to be 1,000 patrons.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $1,000 / Supporting: $750 / Official: $500 / Navy Team: $250 / Booth/Display: $150

    Winter Wonderland

    NAS FALLON • December 6 - This annual family event is for all MWR patrons. The recreation center is decorated in a seasonal theme to add more fun to the activities, crafts and holiday treats. Memory photos with Santa are taken home by over 1,000 participants.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $1,000 / Supporting: $750 / Official: $500 / Navy Team: $300 / Booth/Display: $250