Child Development Centers

The Child Development Center offers full time care for children 6 weeks to 5 years of age. Children are supervised by qualified staff. All staff members receive ongoing training and provide activities that promote physical growth, motor development, thought and language development and creativity. Fees are based on total family income. Call the center for waiting list information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When can I get on the Wait List?

A: As soon as you know you need childcare, you are pregnant, or you have orders to the Southwest Region.

Q: Who qualifies and in what priority order?

A: Priority 1 - Single parent and dual active duty military families
Priority 2 - Sponsor with working spouse or full time student spouse
Priority 3 - A reservist with orders
Priority 4 - Department of Defense or Civilian Contractors

Q: How long will it take to get into a Center?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot give time estimates because the waiting time depends on many factors; i.e. when a space becomes available at a Center, which age group has the opening, the number of people who decline the opening, and the number of people who do not update and are removed from the list.

Q: How much does childcare cost?

A: The Child Development Center fees are based on total combined household income. There are nine categories of weekly fees. Call for more information on fees.

Facility Information
Child Development Center Address: 1001 Juniper Drive
Hours: Mon-Fri: 6 am-6 pm
Closed Sat, Sun & Holidays
Phone: 775-426-3808
Fax: 775-426-2218