NSA Monterey Community Support Programs

Home to over 15 tenant commands, NSA Monterey provides primary support to the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), Navy Research Lab (NRL), and the Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center (FNMOC). NPS is the largest producer of advanced graduate degrees for the Department of Defense and proudly graduates thousands every year from all services and from over 50 countries. NRL provides all scientific and weather modeling as well as atmospheric and aerosol studies. FNMOC provides the highest quality, most relevant and timely worldwide Meteorology and Oceanography support to U.S. and coalition forces from FNMOC’s 24x7 Operations Center in Monterey.

Upcoming Events

  • Off Base Adventures

    June-September • 831-656-7955
    Join us throughout the summer and explore Monterey. Eight amazing adventures are coming up that you do not want to miss. Find out more below and pre-register today!

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  • Yappy Hour

    Saturday, September 12 • 10 am-12 noon • Sparks Field
    Want to meet up with some puppy pals? Does your four legged friend enjoy a day at the park? Come for snacks and and fun with your furry friend. Enjoy a walk or run around the pond, ‘sniff-n-greet’ and more. For more information, call 831-656-7955 or email:

  • BGCA Day Of Play

    Saturday, September 19 • 10 am-2 pm • Tech Connection Teen & Youth Center
    Join us for different gross motor activities and outdoor family fun. FREE! For more information, call 831-656-2127.

  • Fall Fun Run 5k

    Friday, September 25 • 3 pm • FREE • Herrmann Hall, Bldg 220 • 831-656-3118
    Run 2 laps or walk one lap around NSA Monterey! Open to all hands! Strollers are welcome! Top male and female finishers in each age category will win a T-Shirt! Register by 2:45 pm on the day of the event. FREE! For more information, call 831-656-3118 or e-mail: FitnessC@nps.edu.

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