Flying Club

Did you always want to learn to fly? Are you a pilot, but figured you just couldn’t fly during your time in Monterey? Have you thought of how beautiful the Monterey area is, and wanted to see it from a different perspective?

We have what you need. Our fleet of training and pleasure aircraft are available at reasonable rates. We also have a bright yellow T-34B Mentor for the more advanced pilots or adventurous tourists. If you need instruction, our professional flight instructors are available to meet your busy schedule. If you just want to see the area from the air, we have many experienced pilots willing to share the joy of flight with you (and some of the costs, of course!). Our aircraft and facilities are available 24/7 to club members.

The Club is located on the north side of the Monterey Peninsula Airport. You can call the Club at 831-372-7033 and we will give you directions to locate us.

Facility Contact Information
Monterey Navy Flying Club
Office Hours: Mon-Fri: 9 am-5 pm
Club open to members 24 hours.
Location: Monterey Peninsula Airport
Phone: 831-372-7033


Flying Club Aircraft

Flight Instructors Wanted

Monterey Navy Flying Club is looking for an FAA Certified Flight Instructors. Qualified instructors are asked to call the Monterey Navy Flying Club manager at 831-372-7033.


Membership Requirements: The Club is open to Active Duty, National Guard, Retired, and Reserve military members and their family members, and federal government employees. Members of armed forces of foreign countries and their family members when on orders with the US military are also eligible. Civilians are eligible for membership through the Civil Air Patrol.

Flying Lessons

Want to learn to fly? The Monterey Navy Flying Club is the place to go. Our staff of professional flight instructors is ready to help you achieve you goal - for a much lower cost then you will find anywhere else.

Think you want to fly but not sure if you're ready? Then take an introductory flight with a Club Instructor. This will allow you to see if small planes are for you. If you choose to continue with lessons, the introductory lesson will be logged as your first flight.


Not interested in flying but wanting to see Big Sur from 2,000 feet? A once in a lifetime chance to see whales migrating from the air. Somewhere special you want to see? Our pilots will help that dream come true.

With one of our club members, you (and your friends/family) can share the cost of a tour of the Monterey Bay area. Take a flight with a pilot in a Cessna 152/172 or the Beech Mentor to experience the thrill of flight.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of primarily active duty personnel. The board’s responsibility is to governing the membership and making recommendations to the flying club manager.

FAA Requirements for Certification

Private Pilot

  • Obtain an FAA medical certificate
  • Pass an oral, written and inflight practical examination
  • Accumulate at least 40 hours of flight, including 20 hours of instruction
  • For Commercial and Instrument certificates, see club Chief Pilot for information

Military Pilots

  • Use your military flight time to qualify for civilian ratings.