NALF San Clemente Island

Welcome to Naval Auxiliary Landing Field San Clemente Island (SCI), where the landscape is rustic, wildlife plentiful and the people are friendly. SCI is a unique military installation in that it is home to real-world situation military training as well as endangered species habitats and research facilities. As soon as you land and take the short drive from the Air Terminal into "The Commons" living area, you feel the small-town camaraderie due in large part to the “SCI wave” you’ll receive from each person you pass.

SCI may be small-town but our fun is BIG! From grabbing a burger and beverage at the Salty Crab to bowling a few frames at the Sour Apple Lanes or hitting some balls at the golf driving range, you are sure to find plenty to occupy your free time.

All services, facilities and programs offered at NALF San Clemente Island are open to active duty and civilian contractors assigned to the island, as well as island visitors on official business!


Salty Crab

Offers a full bar, delicious food, pool tables, big screen TVs, juke box, and live DJ booth.
Bldg. 60127
Phone: 619-524-9227
Club: Daily, 4-11 pm
Bar: Daily, 4-10 pm
Kitchen: Daily, 4-10 pm

Ship's Store

Your place for snacks, microwavable meals, phone cards, personal necessities, SCI souvenirs and more!
Hours: Monday-Friday: 10 am-Noon, 1-4 pm, 5-6:30 pm
Saturday: 9-11 am, Noon-2 pm
Sunday: 1-3 pm
Phone: 619-524-9143

Fitness Facility/Gymnasium

Home to state-of-the-art cardio and strength training equipment, plus free weights and more. A great facility for shooting some hoops or getting a game of volleyball going.
Bldg. 60127
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: 619-524-9227

Sour Apple Lanes

Four lanes of bowling fun with TVs, music and more!
Bldg. 60127
Hours: Monday-Thursday: 6-10 pm
Phone: 619-524-9227

Liberty Recreation Center

A perfect hangout spot with computers, FREE Wi-Fi, Xbox 360, video games, game tournaments, and more!
Bldg. 60127
Hours: Daily: 4-10:45 pm
Phone: 619-524-9227

Billy Mills Outdoor Sports Complex

Grab some friends or play on your own! Enjoy the softball field, golf driving range and picnic area at the Billy Mills Outdoor Sports Complex in the upper Wilson Cove area. Golf equipment is on-site for your use. Picnic area reservations and softball equipment may be checked out by calling 619-524-9227.
Wilson Cove
Open sunrise to sunset