Wave~Winds Magazine

Wave~WindsWave~winds is a bi-monthly publication of Navy Region Southwest produced for military members and their families to enhance their quality of life by providing information about Community Support Programs (CSP) in metro San Diego. To view the most current issue, click on the graphic of the magazine in the column on the right.

The information in this issue is current at time of publication. Activities, events, fees and hours of operation are subject to change. For confirmation, please call the activity. Complete listings of hours of operation and phone numbers for Community Support Programs (CSP), metro San Diego, are located in the CSP Facility Directory section.Advertisements or listings in this publication do not express or imply the endorsement of commercial sponsors, businesses, or products by the Navy or any other part of the Federal Government.

For Advertising and Sponsorship Information, please contact MWR Sponsorship by calling 619-532-2935, 619-532-3462 or by email: sponsorship@navylifesw.com or visit our Sponsorship & Advertising information page.