San Diego’s Housing Service Center offers personalized housing services specializing in finding both temporary and long term, apartment, condo, and home rentals. Other services include local area orientation and home buying counseling. All military personnel, unaccompanied and accompanied, their families, as well as DoD employees are eligible for these services. Additional information can be found by calling 619-556-8443. The Housing Service Center is located on board Naval Base San Diego.

Our mission is to provide housing support for all families and unaccompanied personnel moving to or departing from the San Diego Region. In addition to navy personnel, we also provide housing assistance to service members assigned to MCAS Miramar, MCRD and USCG Sector San Diego. Our goal is to help service members, both unaccompanied or those with families, locate suitable, affordable and safe housing. Click here for our housing quick reference guide.

Housing Service Center Information

Location Phone Numbers
Naval Base San Diego
2625 LeHardy Street
Bldg. 3544, 1st Floor
San Diego, CA 92136
Driving Directions
Phone: 619-556-8443
Fax: 619-556-8012

Housing and Lodging