NAB Softball Tournament

Starts Monday, April 17 • 11 am-1 pm • NAB Turner Field • FREE
Tournament open to all male and female MWR patrons, 18+. Sign up online today or call 619-437-3065. Registration open until Noon, April 12.

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Rescheduling/Cancelations must be reported directly to the Sports Office by the coach or alternate POC a minimum of 24 hours prior to game time or the game will be forfeited. For short notices due to official military obligations (less than 24 hours notice) a request for a reschedule must be reported no later than 3 hours prior to game time.

My team and I will follow all the rules and regulations set forth by the Sports Office pertaining to any sport. In accordance with all rules and regulations, we will display exemplary sportsmanship, conduct and respect any and all individuals associated with the league.

My team and I understand and acknowledge that in order to enter said military installation we must possess a valid drivers license and/or government-issued picture I.D. My team and I further acknowledge and understand that no animals, weapons of any kind, fireworks/explosives, alcohol and/or illicit drugs are not allowed on board the installation and that I/we may be subject to search.