Deployed Forces Support

The Deployed Forces Support Program supports the quality of life of more than 200,000 men and women at sea on board Navy ships. Sports, recreational programs, physical fitness equipment, Library Multimedia Resource Centers (LMRCs), social activities (parties/picnics), tours ashore, shipboard ticket subsidies/rebates, and gear locker checkout are just a few of the morale-enhancing opportunities. The program manager provides policy interpretation and guidance on request. Need on-site assistance right away? Contact your San Diego Deployed Forces Support Office at 619.556.9110, DSN 526-9110 or 619-571-0921.

Facility Contact Information
Deployed Forces Support Base: Naval Base San Diego
Address: 4000 Brisner Street, Bldg. 548
San Diego, CA 92136-5518
Phone: Office: 619-556-9110
DSN: 526-9110
Cell: 619-571-0921