VADM Martin Liberty Center (NASNI)

VADM Martin Liberty CenterLiberty Centers are for enlisted active duty and one guest 18 years and older. Each center is an alcohol and tobacco free facility designed to be the Sailor’s “home away from home.” Liberty Centers offer in-house activities from pool tournaments and free BBQ events to life skills workshops, free Internet computer stations and computer gaming. Each Liberty Center also offers trips and adventures to places like Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Las Vegas, paintball and the Price is Right. All trips outside the Center are open to all active duty and one guest 18 years and older.

Facility Contact Information
VADM Martin Liberty Center Bldg. 1507
Base: Naval Air Station North Island (NASNI)
Hours: Monday-Thursday: 10 am-10 pm
Friday-Sunday: 9 am-11 pm
Holidays: 1-9 pm
Phone: 619-545-3331

March Events

  • DIY Recycled Vase

    Monday, March 6 • 6 pm • FREE
    Learn how to make and decorate old bottles to turn them into great home décor items!

    Gourmet Microwave Meals

    Tuesday, March 7 • 6 pm • FREE
    Learn a recipe that tastes like a gourmet meal but can be made in the microwave!

    Learn to Bowl

    Wednesday, March 8 • 6 pm • FREE
    Head over to Sea ‘N Air Lanes Bowling Center and learn how to master your technique for FREE!

    Movie Trip: Kong: Skull Island

    Friday, March 10 • 5 pm • $13.50
    Cost includes transportation, ticket and small popcorn.

    Leather Making Class

    Saturday, March 11 • 10 am-2 pm • $5
    Learn how to make a leather belt from scratch. Cost includes all materials and instruction.

    Cedar Creek Falls Hike

    Sunday, March 12 • 10 am • FREE

    Kayak the Coronado Bay

    Monday, March 13 • 5 pm • FREE

    Indoor Rock Climbing Trip

    Wednesday, March 15 • 5 pm • $15
    Let’s check out Solid Rock Gym! Cost includes transportation and gear rental.

    How to Make Beef Jerky

    Thursday, March 16 • 6 pm • FREE
    Learn recipes for your favorite beef jerky flavors and how to dehydrate meat.

    St. Patrick’s Day

    Friday, March 17 • 6 pm • FREE
    Lots of games and fun for all!

    Art Wheel Pottery Class

    Saturday, March 18 • 2:30-6 pm • FREE
    Mold, paint and glaze your own pottery with the assistance of a professional.

    Potato Chip Rock Hike

    Sunday, March 19 • 10 am • $5
    Cost includes transportation, water and snack.

    Intro to Sailing Lesson

    Tuesday, March 21 • 11 am-4 pm • $5
    Take to the open water with NBC’s very own Fiddler’s Cove Marina!


    Wednesday, March 22 • 6-7 pm • FREE
    FREE workshop designed with YOU in mind: Don’t Get Ripped Off


    Wednesday, March 22 • 6 pm • FREE
    Celebrate like a real Irishman! Bagpipes, Shepherd’s pie, corned beef, cabbage, Irish stew and a scavenger hunt ending at a pot of gold! Event open to enlisted active duty and a guest, 18+.

    DIY Wooden Photo

    Thursday, March 23 • 6 pm • FREE
    Bring in your favorite picture and transfer it onto wood for a cool art piece.

    Pre-Payday Grub

    Friday, March 24 • 5 pm • FREE
    Dinner is on us tonight ~ enjoy!

    SC Village Paintball Trip

    Saturday, March 25 • 6 am • $65
    Travel with Liberty to the world famous SC Village paintball facility in Corona! Cost includes transportation, entry, all day air, gun and mask rental, 200 rounds, plus breakfast on the ride.

    Private Half-Day Deep Sea Fishing Trip

    Sunday, March 26 • $60 active/$65 guest
    Join our private trip with Point Loma Sport Fishing. Cost includes transportation, boat rental, pole rental, fishing license, plus fish cleaning and fillet fee. Only 25 spots available. Sign up NOW!

    Make Your Own Bath Bombs

    Monday, March 27 • 6 pm • FREE

    Video Game Tournament

    Tuesday, March 28 • 5:30 pm • FREE

    Woosah Wednesday

    Wednesday, March 29 • 6-8 pm • FREE
    Sign up for your FREE 10-minute massage from our favorite massage therapist, Victor!

    Sea ‘N Air Driving Range

    Thursday, March 30 • 5 pm • FREE
    Practice your swing for FREE at our Sea ‘N Air Golf Course with a FREE bucket of balls and driver rental.

April Events

  • Comedy Show

    Saturday, April 1 • 6 pm • FREE
    It’s stand-up comedy night at the Liberty Center with professional comedians. Refreshments provided.

    Make Noodles from Scratch

    Monday, April 3 • 5 pm • FREE
    Learn to make a variety of noodles, all from scratch.

    Paint Night

    Tuesday, April 4 • 6 pm • $5
    Learn to paint while enjoying refreshments on us! Spots are limited. Sign up now!

    Video Game Tournament

    Wednesday, April 5 • 6 pm • FREE

    Ballroom Dance Lesson

    Thursday, April 6 • 5:30-8:30 pm • $15
    Learn classic dances like the Cha-Cha, Waltz and Swing.

    Indoor Rock Climbing Trip

    Friday, April 7 • 5 pm • $TBD
    A private rock climbing lesson awaits YOU! Cost includes a private, 1-hour lesson, full gear and day pass.

    Learn Beach Volleyball with Derek Olson

    Sunday, April 9 • 9-11 am • $10
    Learn beach volleyball skills from AVP professional Derek Olson!

    Learn to Bowl

    Monday, April 10 • 5 pm • FREE
    Improve your throw and technique for FREE at Sea ‘N Air Lanes!

    Pre-Payday Grub

    Tuesday, April 11 • 6 pm • FREE
    Tonight, dinner is on us!

    OB Farmers Market

    Wednesday, April 12 • 5 pm • FREE
    A great trip for locally grown produce, art and LIVE music!

    Movie Trip: Fast & Furious 8

    Thursday, April 13 • 5 pm • $13.50
    Cost includes transportation, admission and small popcorn.

    How to Make Beef Jerky

    Friday, April 14 • 6 pm • FREE
    Learn to make your favorite beef jerky recipes!

    Escape Room Trip

    Saturday, April 15 • 5 pm • $35
    Can you crack the code?

    DIY Recycle Project Week in Honor of Earth Day

    5 pm • $2 each day
    In honor of Earth Day, we’re showing you ways to repurpose everyday items! Includes light refreshments.

    • Sunday, April 16 - Light Bulb Terrarium
    • Monday, April 17 - Magazine Fruit Bowl
    • Tuesday, April 18 - Portable Tin Can Grill
    • Wednesday, April 19 - Edison Bulb Bottle Lights
    • Thursday, April 20 - Can Succulent Garden
    • Friday, April 21 - Picture Frame
    • Saturday, April 22 - Earth Day Paint, Pot & Plant


    Tuesday, April 18 • 6-7 pm • FREE
    FREE workshop designed with YOU in mind: Sailors on the Move & Space-A Travel

    Kayak Coronado Bay

    Sunday, April 23 • 2 pm • FREE

    Sea ‘N Air Driving Range

    Tuesday, April 25 • 5 pm • FREE
    Perfect your golf swing with a FREE bucket of balls and driver rental.

    Intro to Sailing Lesson

    Wednesday, April 26 • 11 am-4 pm • $5
    Venture out on the open water with our own Fiddler’s Cove Marina!

    French Festival

    Thursday, April 27 • 6 pm • FREE
    As part of Liberty’s Heritage Festival Series, we’re celebrating French culture with accordion music, mimes, crepes, cheese, pastries and more!

    Photography 101

    Saturday, April 29 • 8-11:30 am • $15
    Learn great photo tips and how to maneuver through your camera from professional photographer, Mark Holmes. He wrote Digital SLR Photography for Dummies!

    Dirt Bike Riding Course

    Sunday, April 30 • 6:30 am • $20
    Become a novice rider! Learn the fundamentals of riding a dirt bike; operation of the controls, brakes, shifting, clutch, throttle, and more.Course open to enlisted active duty and a guest, 18+.