Child Development Homes

The Navy Child Care Home Providers are professionals that are extensively trained to provide high quality, enriching child care for our military families. Care is provided to infants, toddlers, pre-school and school age children (6 weeks-12 years) in the certified provider’s home. Providers are subject to the same high-quality standards for childcare as the Child Development Centers. Hourly care is also available.

Fees are based on total family income (TFI), and apply to all children and youth who attend the program.

Facility Contact Information
Child Development Home Office Naval Base San Diego: 619-556-7394

Families without access to Military Child Care

ChildCare Aware® of America (formerly known as NACCRRA) is working with the U.S. Military Services to help those who serve in the military find and afford child care that suits their unique needs.

Through the fee assistance program, families are eligible to receive monthly fee assistance to help offset the cost of child care in their communities, when there is no access to an on-base child care provider, or for those military people that live in the outlying communities. Fee assistance programs are provided for children ages birth through 12 years.

Fee assistance amounts vary by program. For many programs, your fee assistance will be based on your total family income and provider rate.

Child Care Aware® of America staff is focused on providing excellent customer service to our military families. If you need assistance, please call toll free at 1-800-424-2246 or send an email to

For general information on program eligibility, visit


militarychildcare.comVisit where you can find comprehensive information on child care programs worldwide, conduct a customized search for the care you need and submit a request for care at any time and from any location. Follow these four simple steps!

  • Create an Account: Go to to create an account containing information about your family, or to login using an existing username and password.
  • Search for Care: Search the system for the child care options that best meet your needs.
  • Request Care: You can select one or more options and submit your requests for care. The program will contact you when space becomes available.
  • Manage Requests: You can manage your requests for care from anywhere in the world.

Start your own business!

Become a Child Development Home Provider with the full support of the Navy’s Child Development Home Program (CDH), you can stay home with your children while making money, plus, provide a service to support military personnel.

We’re looking for dedicated and flexible family childcare providers to care for pre-school age children. Our program is designed to ensure your business is successful and that our military children receive the best possible care.

Contact the Child Development Home office by emailing or call the numbers in the facility information listed above to start your business today!