Commercial Sponsorship & Advertising

Partner with MWR On Board Naval Base Ventura County! Reach a Military Market that Contributes $2 Billion to the Area Economy!

Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC) is located just north of Los Angeles and is comprised of three Navy installations. San Nicolas Island is mainly used for conducting classified operations and training exercises. Point Mugu and Port Hueneme, separated by seven miles, offer a wide scope of recreation and entertainment options to the Navy community of Ventura County. This major aviation shore command and naval construction force mobilization base provides airfield, seaport and base support services to fleet operating forces and shore activities. NBVC and its tenants directly employ more than 19,000 military and civilian personnel and is the largest employer in Ventura County. Approximately 80 commands, representing all branches of the U.S. Military are stationed here. Annually, NBVC Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) facilities are visited over 1.6 million times by eligible patrons, including active duty military, civilian personnel and military retirees. With your message displayed on banners, posters, theater slides and more, you are supporting our military while receiving many hundreds of thousands of exposures!

Contact us now for information on how you can reserve your preferred advertising. Start building your brand awareness with NBVC’s military consumers and the Navy who together contribute $2 billion yearly to the area’s economy. We look forward to your call and the opportunity to partner with you and your company.


NBVC MWR Marketing


    Partnering with MWR aboard Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC) puts you in direct contact with more than 19,000 active duty military, reservists, retirees and DoD civilians at their workplaces, home and online. Annually, more than $2 billion flows into the Ventura County economy from the military.

    Your advertising directly benefits and supports our troops and their families. Your involvement helps MWR provide quality of life events, activities and facilities which greatly enrich the lives of our service members and their families. When you support our military with your advertising messages, you are also building awareness and desirability about your company, product or service.


    • $2,000,000,000 Defense money flows into Ventura County
    • $711,100,000 In military salaries and other compensation for active-duty, reservists and civilians
    • $302,100,000 In military retirement and veterans benefits


    • 100% MWR patrons shop at off-base stores, averaging 4.3 visits per month
    • 95% Plan on furthering their education and can receive up to $3,500 in tuition assistance
    • 73% Active duty are male, average age is 26 and average length of service is 10.2 years
    • 73% Active duty live off base
    • 61% Plan on buying a new vehicle within 12 months
    • 55% Are married
    • 15% Are officers


    This is the must-have information guide for what's happening on and around NBVC! Capture 2,050 exposures with your company’s advertising message. Civilian and military personnel know this is where they will find Tickets & Tours offers, local area events, Fleet & Family Support Center information and MWR activities, events and facilities listings. Electronic access is available online at

    Our very reasonable rates are as follows:

    Full-Page (7 ½"w x 10"h) $500
    Half-Page (7 ½"w x 4 ¾"h) $400
    Quarter-Page (3 ½"w x 4 ¾"h) $250
    Inside Front (7 ½"w x 10"h) $1000
    Half-Page Inside Front (7 ½"w x 4 ¾"h) $800

    *Dependent on available space. All artwork provided by advertiser.


    Highlights is a weekly e-newsletter produced for military members, their families, DoD employees and retirees. It is emailed to NBVC Navy computers and approximately 2,000 individual subscribers. The e-newsletter highlights upcoming MWR events and lists the movies for the week.

    Feature your business in two lines of text promoting your products or services for four weeks, reaching approximately 32,000 readers monthly. It is also available online at www.

    Two Lines of Text $500

    *All artwork provided by advertiser.


    Maximize your advertising exposure in MWR facilities with digital signage located in hightraffic areas aboard NBVC. Vibrant, full-color side and video advertisements are shown on 12 large digital displays. Due to limited amount of air time, space will be contracted on a first come, first served basis.

    MONTHLY RATE: (JPEG landscape images: 26.67"w x 15"h at 72 ppi • Video format: .wmv file in HD)
    Slide 20 Seconds - $500
    Silent Video 30 Seconds - $750

    *All artwork/content provided by advertiser.


    MWR moviegoers have the best deal in town - FREE first-run movies daily for Sailors and their families at two NBVC theaters. Let us feature your product or service ad in our 30-45 minute pre-feature advertising program of slides and video advertising. These vibrant, full-color advertisements are shown on full-size movie screens for 30 or 15 seconds. Port Hueneme's Needham Theater has a capacity of 850. The NBVC Point Mugu Theater has seating for 500 patrons.

    Each theater airs 32 movies monthly. Average monthly attendance at the Needham Theater is 3,828 patrons and movies shown at Point Mugu's NBVC Theater are watched by an average of 361 movie-goers monthly. From the family enjoying a budget-friendly evening together, married couples to single Sailors and their friends, your theater advertisement will reach each of them at least three times per movie.

    MONTHLY RATE: (JPEG landscape images: 26.67"w x 15"h at 72 ppi • Video format: .wmv file in HD)
    Slide $300 (1 Theater) / $500 (2 Theaters)
    15-second video spot $300 (1 Theater) / $500 (2 Theaters)
    30-second video spot $600 (1 Theater) / $1000 (2 Theaters)

    *All artwork/content provided by advertiser. Rates are reduced with frequency


    MWR is a well-known and widely-used network of support and leisure services designed for use by the military, their families, civilian employees, military retirees and other eligible patrons.

    Aboard NBVC, thousands of eligible patrons and their families make use of these MWR benefits daily. Your message displayed on banners, posters and signs can capture this untapped target audience and maximize your advertising exposure. Build brand awareness at MWR's base fitness centers and gyms which serve 49,618 monthly. Reach an average of 3,255 junior enlisted active duty Sailors each month at the base Liberty Centers which have programs and special events, access to the internet, movies, video games, air hockey and so much more. At the bowling and recreation center that includes a snack bar, arcade games, cosmic bowling, and year round leagues for youth and adults, an average of 2,125 patrons visit monthly. Reach an average of 2,314 patrons monthly at the base pools and capture the attention of 2,953 patrons monthly at the base RV Park. Display your advertising message at all of NBVC's MWR facilities for a total annual exposure of 1,465,027.

    Banners (6'W X 3'H) $500 per banner/per site
    Posters (22"w x 28"h) $350 per banner/per site
    Countertop Signs (8½"w x 11"h) $350 per site
    Countertop Brochures (4"w x 10"h) $350 per site

    *All artwork provided by advertiser.


    • Fitness Facilities (4)
    • Liberty Center (Internet/Café) (2)
    • Bowling Recreation Center (2)
    • Pools (2)
    • RV Park (2)
    • Golf Course


    Navy Region Southwest (NRSW) Fleet & Family Readiness (FFR) offers an annual NRSW Base Services Directory (45,000 published) for all military personnel and their families. This full-color publication is distributed through Navy Welcome Aboard packets, Family Housing Welcome Centers, Bachelor Housing, MWR facilities and Fleet & Family Support Centers. Download or view the current directory on the Navy FFR regional website at Ad space is limited. The deadline for artwork is April 8, 2016. Issue date is June 1, 2016.

    Full-Color Ad
    PDF, TIFF, JPEG and CMYK formats; 300 dpi
    Full-Page Back Cover - 4 1/8"w x 7"h $4,000
    Full-Page Inside Cover - 4 1/8"w x 7"h $3,000
    Half-Page Inside Cover - 4 1/8"w x 3 1/2"h $2,500
    Full-Page - 4 1/8"w x 7"h $2,000
    Half-Page - 4 1/8"w x 3 1/2"h $1,500

    *All artwork provided by advertiser.


    Build brand awareness and desirability with this unique and catchy form of advertising. Vehicle wraps are an excellent way to get your company noticed and remembered. The Federal Highway Administration reports that a vehicle outfitted with an advertisement generates thousands of impressions per day.

    Transform MWR's vehicle into your company's traveling billboard. Wrapped with your advertisement, it will be seen by up to 17,000 base personnel on its daily route to MWR facilities. MWR support staff also travel off the base to San Diego and will acquire additional exposures. When not in use, your company's personal billboard, with your advertising message, will be parked in a high-traffic location, seen daily by patrons visiting the Liberty Centers, Navy Exchange, Commissary and base movie theater. Your message will receive up to 115,000 exposures a month and more than 1,396,000 impressions per year. Compare the monthly cost of a vehicle wrap to newspaper, radio or television advertising and you will realize the minimal cost of a vehicle wrap that advertises your message for a continuous 365 days.

    Build brand recognition with everyone who sees your message on MWR's wrapped vehicle and raise your company's profile. Advertiser supplies, installs and removes wrap. Annual Rate

    MWR Marketing Vehicle $10,000

    *All artwork provided by advertiser.


    Seabee Golf Course

    The Seabee Golf Course at Port Hueneme features an 18-hole course with a lit driving range, putting green and a complete pro shop. The Seabee Golf Course is open to the public and serves 39,965 golfers annually.

    Advertising at the Seabee Golf Course reaches an affluent military audience and community leaders.Your advertising can be prominently placed in the golf facility, with your message in high traffic areas. A limited number of placement opportunities ensure golfers will not get "advertising fatigue" and will notice your company’s message.

    Tee box recognition may be purchased for company promotion or may be part of our customized GPS advertising package. GPS ads display when a cart is in play. Because the golfer spends much of the total round time in the cart, a great advertising opportunity is created. A GPS green-side ad is displayed on the full screen along with the yardage to the green until the golfer reaches the next tee box or enters the staging area. A GPS banner ad is shown when the golfer reaches the tee-box and continues to be displayed until 65 yards out from the center of the green of the hole that is being played.

    GPS Advertising

    GPS Green-side advertising
    This full screen ad is displayed along with the yardage to the green until the golfer reaches the next tee box or enters the staging area.

    GPS Banner advertising
    Banner advertising is displayed when the golfer reaches the tee-box and continues to be displayed until 65 yards out from the center of the green of the hole that is being played.

    Golf Advertising Rates

    Monthly advertising rate for Advertiser-Provided Banners, Posters, Countertop Signs and Brochures, Tee-box Signage and double-sided driving range dividers.

    Average Monthly Exposures 4,834
    Banner (3' x 6') $250
    Poster (22" x 30") $200
    Brochure Stand (4" x 10") $175
    Countertop Sign (8.5" x 11") $125
    Tee-Box Signage (1 tee-box) $100
    Driving Range Divider (5' x 8") (3 dividers) $200
    Sampling $175

    *All artwork provided by advertiser.

    Monthly advertising rate for Golf Cart GPS ads

    Average Monthly Exposures 4,834
    GPS Customized One-hole Combo(banner and green-side ad) $300
    GPS Banner Ad (234 x 100 pixels) $200
    GPS Green-side Ad (234 x 330 pixels) $175
    Cart Signage $125

    *Golf course open to the public. All artwork provided by advertiser.


    Ongoing - Fitness activities & training classes promote physical fitness and healthy lifestyles to all base personnel. Classes include those for military personnel who become certified as fitness leaders for their commands. Our fitness activities are open to all base personnel, challenging patrons to participate in healthy
    fitness activities like walking contests, our version of the Biggest Loser and the Pre Pig-out Workout. Estimated participation is 500.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $1,200 / Supporting: $750 / Official: $500 / Navy Team: $350


    Quarterly - A collaborative workshop with a baby shower theme that introduces expectant parents to on-base services and programs. Participants play games, meet program managers and learn about off-base resources. These events encourage participant networking opportunities in a relaxed and informal setting. Estimated attendance is 150.
    Sponsorship Levels (annual) - Presenting: $1,500 / Supporting: $1,000 / Official: $750
    Navy Team: $500


    Monthly - This fitness series includes 11 lunchtime 5K runs. Each run has a different theme to highlight awareness of social issues. Families with jogging strollers, commands in formation and the serious runners competing for personal best times all enjoy our 5K runs. The series attracts approximately 2,000 participants.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $5,000 / Supporting: $ 2,500 / Official: $1,000 / Navy Team: $750 / Booth: $150


    Monthly - Our intramural sports leagues are open to all base personnel and include the following sports: basketball, women’s basketball, flag football, golf, volleyball, softball, co-ed softball and soccer. Intramural tournaments are separate events and cover the same sports mentioned above. Annual participation is 700.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $5,000 / Supporting: $2,500 / Official: $750 / Navy Team: $500


    Monthly - Themed community-based events open to all eligible patrons include a Father-Daughter Dance, Star Knights Training Party (Star Wars theme), Princess Tea Party, Haunted Mansion and Winter is Near (Game of Thrones theme). Estimated attendance is 2,000.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $10,000 / Supporting: $5,000 / Official: $2,500 / Navy Team: $1,000 / Booth: $350 (per event)


    January - Active duty personnel get to spend the day on the slopes carving and shredding their way down our local mountain ski resorts. Round trip bus transportation is included with ticket. Expected participation is 25.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $1,500 / Supporting: $1,000 / Official: $750 / Navy Team: $500


    January - All base personnel are invited to take a square of sidewalk and let imaginations run wild. Celebrating Clinical Counseling Month, each year a new theme is chosen and chalk artists are allowed to express their thoughts on the selected theme. A command competition is held in conjunction with the event to see which command has the best artistic talent. Music, games and refreshments are available. Expected participation is 200.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $1,500 / Supporting: $1,000 / Official: $750 / Navy Team: $500


    February - Military Saves is an ongoing campaign to encourage active duty members to pay down debt and build wealth. During this week, a variety of events will be held to provide military families with the tools, resources and skills to be financially fit. Military Saves Campaign is expected to attract 500 participants.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $1,500 / Supporting: $1,000 / Official: $750 / Navy Team: $500 / Booth: $150


    April 6 - The most popular running event on base. Participants have a choice to run through various color powder stations throughout the course. This run has garnered strong support from commands, active duty, reservists and family members. Expected participation is 500.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $2,000 / Supporting: $1,500 / Official: $1,000 / Navy Team: $500 / Booth: $150


    April 13 - This is a fun and family-friendly event to raise awareness during Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness (SAPR) month. Participants play a free round of cosmic bowling complete with special lighting, fun music and glow-inthe-dark tchotchkes. All attendees participate in SAPR trivia while they bowl. Expected participation is 200 active duty spouses.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $1,500 / Supporting: $1,000 / Official: $750 / Navy Team: $500 / Booth $150


    March 3 - This is a fun-filled day dedicated to celebrating the U.S. Navy’s Fighting Seabees. The event includes live entertainment, an inflatable obstacle
    course and carnival attractions, Seabee displays, food and beverages. The event is open to all patrons and estimated to serve approximately 3,000.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $10,000 / Supporting: $5,000 / Official: $2,500 / Navy Team: $1,000 Booth: $150


    April 19 & September 20 - The Career Fairs are vital opportunities for military job seekers to network with companies who want to hire transitioning service members, spouses, retirees and DoD civilians in a convenient on-base location. Each event is expected to attract 400 participants and 70 companies.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $2,000 / Supporting: $1,500 / Official: $1,000 / Navy Team: $500


    April 22 - This special celebration of military youth will feature fun family activities. The event includes music, giveaways, games, activities for the children and an Armed Forces Kids Run. Expected participation is 450.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $2,000 / Supporting: $1,500 / Official: $1,000 / Navy Team: $500 / Booth: $200


    April 22 - A 5K obstacle course designed by Navy Seabees of the Naval Construction Training Center. This challenging run consists of mud hills, mud pits and water hazards. The event attracts runners and non-runners alike. Teams are encouraged to participate and costumes are a common sight on the course. Estimated attendance is 800.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $5,000 / Supporting: $2,000 / Official: $1,500 / Navy Team: $750 / Booth: $300


    May 12 - This is a fun event honoring the sacrifices military spouses make to support their family and active duty service member. All military spouses are invited to enjoy refreshments, receive recognition and win prizes. Expected participation is 300.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $1,500 / Supporting: $1,000 / Official: $750 / Navy Team: $500 / Booth: $150


    June TBD - This new event promotes and enhances installation community involvement and morale. Concerts will be held at various indoor and outdoors locations. Expected participation is 1,000.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $5,000 / Supporting: $2,000 / Official: $1,000 / Navy Team: $500 / Booth: $150


    July 15 - A weightlifting competition that challenges participants to out lift each other. This friendly competition is Olympic style and includes specific lifts from bench press to dead lifts. Estimated attendance is 150.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $2,000 / Supporting: $1,000 / Official: $750 / Navy Team: $500


    July 29 - The Armed Forces Tri is a military-only event. Each branch of the Armed Forces sends their best athletes to compete for a spot on Team USA, which will represent the U.S. at the world championships. The Admiral’s Cup Tri is a sprint-course triathlon, held in conjunction with the Armed Forces Triathlon. The event attracts triathletes of all skill levels from beginner to advanced. The course runs along the beach and protected wetlands surrounding the base. Estimated attendance is 200.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $2,000 / Supporting: $1,000 / Official: $750 / Navy Team: $500 / Booth: $150


    September TBD - This junior enlisted fishing trip provides sailors a boat in the sun to hang out and learn how to fish with friends. Expected participation is 25.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting $2,000 / Supporting: $1,000 / Official: $1,500 / Navy Team: $500


    August 19-20 - The Surf Contest hosts surfers and visitors from around the globe during this two-day competition at the famous break of Point Mugu. The event features live music and entertainment as well as a vendor village. This not-to-be missed surf contest is open to the public and is expected to attract 3,000.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $25,000 / Supporting: $5,000 / Official: $2,500 / Navy Team: $1,000 / Booth: $300


    September 7 - This event is to honor those who donate their time and expertise and selflessly serve the military families. All base Ombudsman are invited to a luncheon, escorted by their Command Executive Leadership and are honored for their volunteerism. Expected participation is 150.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $2,000 / Supporting: $1,500 / Official: $1,000 / Navy Team: $500 / Booth: $150


    September 29 - This life-saving event prepares our military families for earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters or emergencies. Participants receive preparedness information and materials to help families learn the importance of emergency readiness. The event also provides the opportunity to experience the violent motions of an earthquake in a simulator. Expected participation is 300.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $2,000 / Supporting: $1,500 / Official: $1,000 / Navy Team: $500 / Booth: $150


    November 3 - This event features presenters discussing changes in the military retirement system and a briefing by the base Commanding Officer on areas of interest to retired personnel. The event attracts 150 retirees.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $2,000 / Supporting: $1,500 / Official: $1,000 / Navy Team: $500 / Booth: $150


    December 8 - Home for the Holidays is a special live holiday entertainment extravaganza for the troops and their families. It features holiday-themed fun for the whole family and a live show with Broadway-style music and meet-&-greets with the cast. Expected participation is 600.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $5,000 / Supporting: $2,500 / Official: $1,500 / Navy Team: $500 / Booth: $150


    December 9 - Holiday event just for the kids and families featuring 40 tons of fresh-blown snow, games, arts & crafts, music and food trucks. Snowmen, snow angels and snowball fights abound. There’s even an appearance by Kris Kringle himself! Expected participation is 3,000.
    Sponsorship Levels - Presenting: $5,000 / Supporting: $2,500 / Official: $1,500 / Navy Team: $500 / Booth: $150