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Job Search web pageThe Family Employment Readiness Program is geared towards assisting Sailors and family members in finding meaningful employment. Career related workshops are open to military and their family who also have the option to meet one-on-one with one of our Work and Family Life Consultants.

Workshops and one-on-one assistance focus on a job search, career planning, resume writing, interview techniques, federal employment, and the use of social media. FFSC offers the following career related workshops:

Writing the Perfect Resume and Cover Letter

Are you looking for work? Are you submitting your resume online and not getting any response? If you answered yes to either of these questions, consider registering for this workshop where you will learn the steps to creating an effective corporate resume and cover letter. Learn how to set yourself apart from the mainstream by incorporating key words, descriptors, adverbs, and quantifiers into your job descriptions. Find out what recruiters are and aren’t looking for and the best job search websites where people are finding the most jobs.

Federal Employment

Want a competitive salary, great benefits, all Federal Holidays off (with pay), and the possibility of flex hours? Then you may want to consider working for a Federal agency. Federal employment requires crafting a Federal resume. In this class you will learn how to navigate, the biggest Federal employment website; how veteran’s preference points are used; what to include on your resume (hint: accomplishments); and how to best answer the assessment questionnaire to get the highest score. If you’re thinking of applying for a Federal job, this workshop is a must.

Interviewing Techniques

The goal after completing a stellar resume is to fine tune the interview. Learn the types of interviews available and how to prepare for each. Learn to answer tough questions by reading between the lines and how to identify your strengths and weaknesses. You will leave with a list of questions to ask the interviewer as well as a list of what to do next to stay in the running.

Are you Linked In

Join the ranks of the world’s largest professional network. Linked In is comprised of millions of members and growing every second, if you’re not a member nor utilizing your membership, you’re missing out on an opportunity knocking at your door. Learn how to navigate Linked In, how to grow your network, how to build your profile, and how to tap into the knowledge of your network.

Spouse Employment

This loaded workshop informs spouses of steps to take in finding employment, networking, spouse preference programs, and tuition help (for those eligible). Learn the basics of creating a strong resume along with other collateral to use to productively promote yourself. Find out who is hiring military spouses as well as career fields that offer the most portability.

The FFSC Career Centers offer computers, the internet, and job postings for your use.

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Transition Goals, Plans, and Success (Transition GPS)

TGPS is for Sailors and family members to be substantially better prepared for civilian life. Service members depart the military “career ready” and with strategies that augment the job search process in today’s market. Information on Veterans Benefits and resources are identified and reviewed.

Transition GPS workshops are required for every service member separating from the military. Transition GPS workshops are scheduled through your Command Career Counselor and your command, orders are required.

The schedules for Transition GPS workshops in the region can be found here (pdf file download).

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