Seabee Mud Run

Saturday, April 22
THE SEABEE MUD RUN returns this year and is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! This great event brings the whole family together as MWR Sports and Fitness teams up with MWR Community Recreation to offer a bigger presence and an entertaining venue for the race. There will be other activities, challenges, prizes, music, food and more for competitors along with family and friends to enjoy before, during and after! Come get muddy and have fun at this year’s Seabee Mud Run!


What should I wear?
Wear clothing appropriate for physical activity or what you’d wear going to the gym. Consider the elements you’ll be dealing with (mud (duh), water obstacles, and weather/temperature). It is recommended (not required) that you bring gloves for the rope obstacles, as rope burn may occur. It is also recommended that you bring a change of clothes, and towels for clean-up. Depending on weather, it may be cold and not comfortable to stick around in wet clothes.

How is the course layed out, what should I expect?
The course begins with a flat land run transitioning into the obstacle course. There you will be challenged by tube crawls, over-under logs, hill climbs, tires, balance logs, an A frame climb, rope swing, a wall climb, cargo net climb, more logs & tubes, under wire crawl, ropes over a pond, water obstacles, and plenty of mud.

How will the race waves be structured?
Race day waves will be structured by experience level based on your personal 5k run times. There will be a total of four starting waves. The first wave begins at 12:30pm for our fastest and most experienced competitors. Waves 2, 3, and 4 will start in five minute increments following wave 1.

What time should I show up?
Victoria Gate will open at 9:30am.
Check-in opens at 10am.

How do I get in to the Base and what gate do I use?
You will be using Victoria Gate (Port Hueneme end of Victoria Ave), turn left at the stop light indicated by 'Navy Base' and it will take you to the gate for entry. Victoria gate will be CLOSED to incoming traffic at 12:00pm. PLEASE TAKE THIS INTO CONSIDERATION AS RACE REGISTRATION ENDS AT 12:00PM. FAILURE TO GET ON BASE AND CHECK IN DURING THIS TIME PERIOD MAY RESULT IN FORFEITURE OF YOUR ABILITY TO PARTICPATE.

Is there a course and parking map available?
A course map and parking details will be posted at . If you signed up before the course map and details were posted, please check back periodically to view the event posting details and check for potential updates.

Is there anything else to do there?
YES, this year MWR Sports and Fitness is teaming up with MWR Community Recreation to offer a bigger presence and to add a little extra entertainment to the event! There will be other activities, challenges, prizes, music and more for competitors and their families and friends to enjoy before, during, and after the race!

Can my friends/family come watch me compete?
Yes, you can bring friends and family with you.

What do I win?
Medals will be awarded to top 3 individuals for best race time, as well as top team for total best time. There is the possibility of alternative awards such as spirit, sportsmanship, or best team uniform! Also, PRIDE. You can say you won the 2017 Seabee Mud Run! So come get dirty and bring your 'A' game as you don't know what our event staff will be looking for!

I’m Hungry, will there be food and beverage available?
Yes, there will be food & beverage items for sale onsite. Bring cash with you as there are no ATM’s available.

Will there be an alternative date for the race based on weather reports?
Nope. 2017 Seabee Mud Run is a rain or shine event! You're going to be getting wet and dirty anyway!